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  1. I think to be really effective in transitioning I would have to get a CRT TV so I could practice with no delay or something. Or buy a USB Genesis thing. But even then emulator is still faster.
  2. Also I think Plabax is correct. If you don't have a hard shot or elite skating and you're playing a C/B team you cannot win. Or at least its super f**king hard
  3. Well there was def. some drafts where it swung too far in favor of fatties. Allowed me to get a really decent team despite having no 1st,2nd,3rd or 4th round picks. Was at the point people would pick fatties over slim dudes with better skills
  4. And most of that comes from using a game breaking bug before the others. This year was pretty legit ill give oyu that
  5. CB isn't f**king rocket science lmao. Most players do it now. Never forget 7PPG
  6. I feel ya dude im awful on controller
  7. Yeah and then I won and he didnt. Not sure what your point is. I lost cuz I made an awful team
  8. Mikey sneaking in the WR for the PAL version lmayoooo
  9. Yeah the NJ devils have a guy who makes sick posters for every game. Hes really cool
  10. Plabax is a minor he cant go there. Think of the children you monsters
  11. I don't think the manual goalie is especially true. I can think of a few elite guys who have very mid range goalie control that is similar or weaker than some B players'. I won't name names because there's no need to turn this into a ego shitshow but some guys rely much harder on lane control and having stifling D. A bit part of that is being able to be disciplined in the defensive zone and always try to control the same player. Outside of that I think a lot of guys just try to mimic better players especially in draft leagues. But you can't get an edge that way. That's why I love playing the original rom. It forces me to use guys I wouldn't otherwise ever use and I gain a new appreciation for some of this game's hidden gem. Every big A player has their own signature move. that helps them to separate themselves from the rest.
  12. Dallas, Hotlanta and Minnesota are also huge flight hubs.
  13. I enjoy not getting shot or stabbed during vacations
  14. Hopefully we get the old no delay TVs or monitors. Btw Im calling it PawtucketKO94
  15. Hopefully in a city where vacations are passable.
  16. No I'm retired. Classic finals will be my final series
  17. Heh. THey deserved to be lower. THey lost to the Isles with no Turgeon. Lemieux got outscored by Ray Ferraro. It's a crime Kasparaitis is only 60 cuz he owned Mario hard
  18. It took 2 weeks after the 2 weeks vacation plus the 1st week before that's 5 weeks and you're still sitting on it not sure what you expected You might as well not be running the league cause it would make no difference. Stop taking people for granted.
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