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  1. *thread dredge* What emu are you guys using on a Nintendo DS? I've tried all the SNES and Genesis emulators and by god none of them work well enough. SNEmulDS seems to work about the best, but still freezes randomly during 94 play and simply won't load the later year versions (96, 97, 98) at all? Both jENESIS and picoDrive won't load any roms at all for me either. Acekard 2i...
  2. Question: Do these rosters require any other mod to work?
  3. I _might_ have interest in the "C" level (since I completely suck at 94 and have never played online before) depending on the commitment. I've been lurking quite a while and intrigued at trying one of these someday...
  4. Interestingly enough, it made me immediately think about the goal he gave up that cost CAN the WJC's. I guess now we'll truly find out if he's the next in elite goalies, or if he was just a flash in the pan. One goal can east away and ruin a goalie's entire career. Just ask Tommy Soderstrom...
  5. Well-played, PIT. The last two games were some of the best hockey games I've ever seen at any level. They had a very Frozen Four feel to them. Now PIT needs to forget about it all and get down to the task at hand -- who stays, who goes? Keep Hossa? Keep Gonchar? If Roberts comes back, do you want him back? It seems crazy, but PIT's window may close very quickly if they don't tackle this offseaosn very carefully...
  6. Great ROM, Sabre Dance. I find myself once again playing season mode on a sports game that's a decade or more old. :-p Too bad you can't have all the teams in Season Mode. Oh well... Keep up the good work.