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  1. Just wanted to say thanks for this! Great work!!
  2. Excellent work on this, very cool!
  3. Yeah after seeing that newest clip on TSN.ca, this "94" mode actually looks like garbage, but with sweet blue ice. EA are pure marketing, nothing more. Why didn't they put out a simple downloadable version for $15 of the real '94, even if you can't have real player names, just let us edit them. I'd pay $100 probably, especially if it had online play. They're just really dumb I guess? Dear EA, my wallet thanks you...you have finally admitted you can't complete with your own 20 year old game!
  4. Now that you mention it, I tried Genesis Plus again today, and all I get is a black screen! No games will load, I don't get anywhere. Not sure when that started happening. Generator stills works properly. Very Weird.
  5. That sounds pretty awesome...anyone have a current download link? Rapidshare or any of the free sites maybe? thx.
  6. Hi Jeff. My brother and I have Macs, and tried playing online with Genesis Plus and Generator, but didn't get very far. We were able to get connected over the internet (I should try a local network game sometime), but the games fell out of sync pretty much right away. While I was skating around in NHL94, the other end was in the replay menu...I didn't try SNES though. Hope you have better luck. Welcome to the forum.
  7. I think this project looks amazing! And using the SegaCD version is great (music, etc). Hope this sees the light of day, but I can understand it's a ton of work!
  8. Thanks for the release, I love this!
  9. Great job, clockwise, can't wait to play it! Amazing stuff all you folks are doing...I always wonder if people at EA have ever seen any of this stuff? Probably blow their minds...
  10. Hope this is still being worked on...it looks amazing! Finally got the original Sega CD version working on my GP2X, so now I can enjoy it anywhere! Anyways, goog luck getting it finished, looks like a major project!
  11. Awesome ROM Mack...you're the man! (Do people still say that?)
  12. "Player Skates: 1 point for Genesis"... Still gets me everytime. You go, Clockwise! Can't wait to try this rom out!
  13. Looks like an awesome ROM! Can't wait!
  14. Just wanted to keep this thread alive. Not sure if replacing sounds is possible, but man, that'd be awesome. Although the siren is pretty classic, no harm having a different ROM with all kinds of updated sounds. Genesis sounds are all synthetic, so I don't think you could just replace them with an actual audio sample...it would have to resampled down to a tiny amount of data to fit in the ROM, for one thing, but I don't think the game plays 'samples' anyways, more like 'instruments', if you know what I mean. Like the difference between MIDI and mp3s. The game has 'sound language', and the
  15. OddyOh

    NHL 07

    HI, love the new ROM, thanks for all the work! I just saw this bug for the first time, but I was playing the July25th roster update from last year, so perhaps that's a bug from the original game code?