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  1. WSH drops Shawn Anderson (if possible) Cote on the block if anyone is looking for a serviceable D-man
  2. It doesn't really matter to me. If you try and you get blown out, then maybe that's the way it's supposed to go.
  3. I should be. I have my mobile device on me most of the time so just message me on aim and I'll see it and respond.
  4. Unless VC comes back, I believe I'm taking over the Caps.
  5. I would have one of the requirements be that everyone would have to be drunk before games so we could all feel how it is to be Hokkee.
  6. Koppe said he'd be back in October, so I'm sure he'll have an update for the 2014-15 season.
  7. It doesn't which sucks because the AI sucks, making it real easy to run up the score. I've won games 28-1 before.
  8. I've always like the DOS version of '95 better. I tried to get into NHL Hockey, but I just didn't enjoy it as much.
  9. Yeah man, the King has been on the throne for too long. Let's get some regicide all up in here
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