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  1. Ok then why the haven't they been confirmed yet lol, I don't get it.
  2. man, how do you make these exactly, would love to make some myself with SWOS sprites.
  3. Great addition, however if you got to add everybody else manually and there's no "public" channel (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) then it's not that easy. Also, I believe messages will go missing if either chatter refreshes/switch page. How about something like this instead: Quakenet webchat, it'd be much more practical imho.
  4. played and succesfully logged my first two matches (Vs. Hartford) however they won't show up in the fixtures/league tables, how comes?
  5. I just flail the joystick around and spam on the buttons like it's Konami's Track'n Field 100 mt. event. Can't go wrong with that. EDIT: actually nvm, this isn't about NHL94 lol.
  6. Like? You're gonna ban me cause I'm criticizing (constructively) some of the alleged flaws of the league format? lol, such hostility...
  7. You must've skipped this Besides, you're acting as if assigning teams randomly erases the gap in stats between them, I Is the random assignment fair? Yeah it is, it's "random" after all. Is having teams ranging from 50~ to 80~ Ovr in the same competition fair though? Nope, in fact it's dumb. Is the "10-picks" system pointless? Yep, seeing as with this many people the randomness almost completely overrides its effectiveness. Would you still need to assign teams randomly, potentially pissing off those who end up with either a team they don't give a damn about or a weak team
  8. If you don't see how having teams ranging from 50~ Overall to 80~ Ovr in the same tournament isn't fair then I dunno what to tell ya, you must be in denial...or something. This disparity alone is what is actually forcing you to put in place some sort of seeding mechanism/random assignment system to give people the illusion that things "are fair" when in fact they're about as fair as Puerto Rico playing Jordan, Magic, Stockton, Barkley and Larry Bird back in "92. Hadn't the seeding/random assignment system been in place I would've probably ended up with Edmonton, seeing as no one else picked
  9. Don't need to play no league to recognize potential flaws in the system, all you need is some common sense. I'm also used to organize tournaments and events for other games such as SWOS, Winning Eleven and FIFA so this stuff immediately sticks out to my trained eye as I've had my fair share of criticisms on this kinda issues over the years as well. That being said, I ain't gonna quit because of the team, I promised I would've played and I will play all of my matches. I hate when people bail out on me during my tournaments so I would never do that. Also, thanks halifax for the explaination.
  10. >Rookies playing with crap teams >Veteran masters playing with top-teams >everything else is random. >Edmonton 1st choiced by only 1 player >player ends up with his 9th choice, a team he doesn't give a flying f**k about cause you can't possibly support more than 2 or 3 teams >another player who didn't have Edmonton in his top-5 gets them Sure is fair lol. Also, the fact that it's always been like this doesn't mean it doesn't suck. It's a flawed system on so many levels I can't believe no one ever brought these issues up. meh, whatever, I'll stick with Tampa, I guess
  11. What is the point of the multiple choices form then if it gets completely overwritten by the seeding system in the end? Might as well making it clear from the get go that you're gonna get a random team unless you're an oldschooler... Imho, if 2 players out of 22 pick a team as their 1st or 2nd choice one of them should end up with it and that's it. The fact that some random dude who doesn't even have it in the top 5 got prioritized for the aforementioned team baffles me. Also, this has nothing to do with playing as a crap team as Edmonton are almost as bad as Tampa anyway (besides, I don't g
  12. I'm bummed lol, how the heck did I end up with Tampa if I was like...the only one who picked Edmonton as his 1st choice lol. The guy who got Edmonton didn't even have it among his top 5 teams and I did not have Tampa in my top 5 either. What are these choices for then? I mean, I could understand if Edmonton was either a powerhouse or a highly contested team but come on, as it is this random-like assignment makes no sense, there's got to be some priority and common sense involved otherwise the multiple choice form is pointless. Edmonton should've gone to either me or Icestorm for obvious reas
  13. Yo man, welcome aboard! By the way, what's your AIM Screenname? We generally use AIM to communicate and arrange games. Also, the Fall Classic League is about to start, give this thread a read if you want to join us (please note that you'll have to play at least one test match against one of the oldschooler in order to be green-lighted for the league):
  14. What's the hold up? Can't we just start with 22 or w/e then whoever is late to the party will have to deal with playing a higher amount of matches per week? Would make sense to me.