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  1. u can send someone a link and they can join your game but its very laggy
  2. randomly stumbled on a this flash emulator site, noticed it had a ton of games and '94! thought i would share http://www.ssega.com/nhl-hockey-94 http://www.snesfun.com/nhl-94 it lets you configure your keyboard and save/load game states.
  3. JayLighter420

    NHL 94 Theme Music

    nice work louie
  4. JayLighter420

    A Suggestion for the Next GDL

    i think thats ur subconscious hearing "gay". Wishful thinking maybe?? in that vid he says "GA". as in "NHL '94, its in the GA"
  5. JayLighter420

    A Suggestion for the Next GDL

    i would like to see an exi of plabax vs carse with their gdl teams switched. and/or a exi of them both using the same gdl team for some comparison
  6. ye. Minus icing and i dont believe the current 2v2 rom has the stats turned all the way up.
  7. idea for a gens 2v2 rom: Max stats for all players No goalie crease or goalie stoppage whistles No icing Basically 2v2 on roids with unteatherd goalie control and no fun squashing whistles
  8. JayLighter420

    GDL X - Start

  9. JayLighter420

    New business venture

    <- head of security. i demand a golf cart, segway, and/or zamboni. plus a tazer, gotta have a tazer.
  10. JayLighter420

    Jaylighter & dcicon semis

    i thought uncleshit already won?
  11. JayLighter420

    Shootout Tourney June '13

    congratz to raph! ggs raph (ase) 2 @ jay (asw) 1 jay (asw) 3 @ raph (ase) 4