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  1. u can send someone a link and they can join your game but its very laggy
  2. randomly stumbled on a this flash emulator site, noticed it had a ton of games and '94! thought i would share http://www.ssega.com/nhl-hockey-94 http://www.snesfun.com/nhl-94 it lets you configure your keyboard and save/load game states.
  3. i think thats ur subconscious hearing "gay". Wishful thinking maybe?? in that vid he says "GA". as in "NHL '94, its in the GA"
  4. i would like to see an exi of plabax vs carse with their gdl teams switched. and/or a exi of them both using the same gdl team for some comparison
  5. ye. Minus icing and i dont believe the current 2v2 rom has the stats turned all the way up.
  6. idea for a gens 2v2 rom: Max stats for all players No goalie crease or goalie stoppage whistles No icing Basically 2v2 on roids with unteatherd goalie control and no fun squashing whistles
  7. <- head of security. i demand a golf cart, segway, and/or zamboni. plus a tazer, gotta have a tazer.
  8. congratz to raph! ggs raph (ase) 2 @ jay (asw) 1 jay (asw) 3 @ raph (ase) 4
  9. i dont see another draft helping the season start any faster i say f**k the box scores and lets just get the games played and scores posted so we can start gdl 11 asap
  10. im gunna play winner of witt vs raph for the final round
  11. round 2 Red = host games 1 & 3 Witt Kingraph -------------------- JayL bye i flipped for who had to play witt, and flipped again for who got home advantage between yallz.
  12. Starting second round wednesday night. Options for niuhuskie224 and Dragon: 1. Play each other and post score by wendsday 2. Play Witt. First one to play him and post score will not be skipped. Instead that match would count as a round 1 for you and Witt. The winner would move on. 3. Forfeit gunna try to do this again next month so no big deal if u cant play. that said, i wanna move this along
  13. The bracket is not nessacary. gunna redraw after this round anyways. im thinking about doin this again next month and maybe every month, assuming this won't take 3 weeks to complete
  14. saintsfan2500 BOS JayLighter420 ASW game one ASW @ BOS: 1-4 ASW game two BOS @ ASW: 3-0 ASW Anyone else get a chance to play yet?
  15. yeee should be fun, i suck. i'll be on aim tonight same screen name
  16. shootout tourney rules: gens, nhl94 rom select any team a player can only be used in one slot in a line manual goalie best of 3 winner moves on loser is out redraw for match ups and home advantage after each round is complete 2 night deadline to play match Round 1 Deadline = Tuesday night Red = host games 1 & 3 saintsfan2500 JayLighter420 --------------- kingraph CamKneely --------------- niuhuskie224 Dragon --------------- Wittgenstein bye
  17. winner gets this sweet graphic for their signature:
  18. sweet. im thinkin, keep sing ups open today, then start this party monday with a 2 night time limit to play each match up? is that enough time ya think? i'll post the draw outcome tomorrow and ur first match should be completed by 11:59pm (Pacific Daylight Time) Tuesday. we should probably post scheduling attempts to help determine who gets skipped if someone doesn't show up for a match. That said I think a 1 night extension could be granted upon request as I rather not see anyone get skipped or get a bye. altho requests must be made before the deadline. also im thinkin a re-draw after each round may be in order. Winners names will be assigned a number then via a random number generator matches for the new round will be made. incase of an odd number of players, the player whose number did not get drawn will get the bye
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