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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3pxRLLHniE Canada 5 U.S.A 1
  2. no your bang on with Bolland he's a bum...well this year n e way...just too many 90+ players for my tastes but i've never played the rom i'm sure it works well.
  3. man the player ratings are whack...GO HAWKS GO
  4. Anyone wanna play in a couple of hours pm me.
  5. Anyway to make the ice white in this rom? I tried myself but wasn't sure how.
  6. Hello I think i'm set up and ready for a test game i'm pretty flexible as to when i can play. Find me on AIM bparadisijr@gmail.com or XxBDIDDYxX go Hawks go!