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  1. I was really bored during math and decided to do a mock draft (6 teams) with 94 rosters. Class ended after about one round, and during the next class, I finished my work really early, and resumed the draft. I forgot I was using 94 rosters, and picked some current players. It sparked an idea for a small league (Maybe the size of Mini GDL, if you played in that a while back), where we'd merge the two rosters and do a draft. If you're interested, let me know. The ratings for 2015, we'd go off of skips 2015 Deadline rom, for anybody whose curious.

  2. I like this

    Sports games took center stage in the 90s, with titles like NHL '94, NBA Jam, and Tecmo Super Bowl standing among the most popular games of the decade. Of course, sports games would become bigger, faster, and more realistic following the 90s... but they were never quite as fun again.

    It may be a year late, but I agree with this.
  3. Given the limits of the genesis color palette and the NHL 94 player sprites, there is no way the jerseys can be 100% correct. You have to make some subjective choices. Which jerseys did you have issue with?

    The Ducks were bugging me, but I tried to change it and the swos patch went wrong.

  4. I think the crease cut goal is fair game. I wouldn't use it to build a lead, but if I'm down by 2 and want to get within one I'll do a crease cut. Votaw plays extremely well against the move, sometimes pouncing on you, following you, or crushing you with a body check.

  5. I was playing against the CPU today, and got a 3-0 lead in the first. I was quite excited, and wanted to finish the game to see how many goals I could get. About 30 seconds into the seconds, my goalie makes a save, and when I begin the breakout, he drop passes it into his own net. I brushed it off, but on the next play, Teemu Selanne with his 6/6 skating ability, comes at the net and snipes it on my frozen manual goalie. Like the last goal, I treat it as a small bump in the road, and end up scoring 3 more on pass shots and one timers.

    I take 2'penakties almost back to back midway through the third, and both result in power play goals. So now it's 6-4, with about 1:30 left. I rush up, and the puck is saved by Essensa. He passes it, straight ahead, through Barasso's legs and makes it a one goal game. I maintain control of the puck, but with 10 seconds left, I lose it a pond the CPU runs the goalie and puts it in. We go to OT, and the invisible wall behind the goalie keeps out a Jagr to Lemuiex one timer. I end up giving up the softest goal ever, with it bouncing in between my goalie and the post twice.

    Because of this, I wanted to ask you guys, what was your worst/most heartbreaking loss?

  6. Dynasty league is a scary word in GENS. It's been attempted twice in the last few years, both unsuccessful.

    GENS just had 3+ concurrent leagues (GDL, Classic, Blitz, SCL) so I don't think there needs to be MORE leagues. SNES is now in the middle of season 02.

    Tbh, I went by the NHL94online.com site when seeing how many leagues we have.

  7. Has anybody created a Dynasty league as of yet?

    I am new to this forum, but love the leagues that have been created!!!! They are awesome!


    There was a Dynasty league on SNES. But it might be long gone. We need more leagues on GENS. Maybe a summer league?
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