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  1. wrong, I'm picking 1.6 you have the 1.5!
  2. plabax knows gdl'94 *if he is not a champion this season, it will be funny*
  3. I have dibs on TB and dawook94 is out TB for me and MTL to frey?
  4. I want to be add on the wait list for blitz 9 or 10 . meh!
  5. I am not in the favour of the trade limit (5players, 5picks) cuz the smozy formula is good. So the trades are legits and hokkee can't f**k his team .
  6. Thrashers can be an option and i can make Tommy Kabs so mad : ) lol
  7. Ye true, but if i can't be TB i have Montreal guarantee ! ; ) I give myself mo chances to have a team i like to play with just for fun!
  8. dibs on tampa bay,but if I can't montreal is ok. thx
  9. gl to depch! sorry to be out of this lg now and thx to smozoma for blitz 1 to 7.
  10. the morality is on the new consoles the best cheeser is crowned and plabax IS #1at nhl'94
  11. interesting... but icestorm is f'n right ( I hated them too, till i learnt them lololol. Its a skill...)
  12. a coach who is spinning in circles in its zone with the puck until the end of the game is legit?