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  1. username: pristine password: nhl94 Link to FightCade 2
  2. I have an account that works. I'll post the account details some time tonight (if I remember) so you guys can test. 1. The set-up is easier than GENS. You need to have the NHL '94 ROM in the ROMs folder. When you launch FightCade, just select NHL '94, and it will put you into a lobby. 2. I think the emulator is good. 3. For me, the netplay has always been smooth, and there's even in-game chat enabled. 4. I think the tracking of wins/losses is only for the (popular) fighting games. ----------------------------------------------------- **FightCade automatically uploads replays of past games to their website. You can also spectate any game you want.
  3. I agree with changing it up. Have a preferred lineup, but also be ready to change it if needed. I used all my forwards at multiple positions. Another thing, I personally never liked the idea of "feeding" someone at center. Don't go into the offensive zone with the plan of "looking" for someone. Let the players look for you. So many people mess up their offense by trying to force too many one timers.
  4. What happened to Spring '16? That was when AJ beat Zalex in the finals for the repeat. Also, FPB and AJ should swap rankings for Fall '16. AJ never showed up to play, so why does he get the victory?
  5. I disagree. GDL16 was arguably the most competitive league. Still bored many players. The competition was adequate, but sitting around for 25 days waiting for slackers isn't worth it for most. I already won two GDL titles with kgman in the league.
  6. Good bait, but the only time I registered for Classic since CB check was last season with Boston. I went 18-5 and was scoring nearly 7 goals a game! I definitely wasn't struggling. I participated in two other seasons, where I replaced swos for NJ and Carse for CGY. Struggling with NJ is obvious.. I don't believe you can win with the Devils. For this reason, my heart wasn't 100% in to it. As for CGY, I played on a setup that sometimes didn't allow me to turn around and go backwards, which is why I lost so many games and finished with poor stats. As for the other leagues since the CB check... I have more than everyone else combined , and that includes me sitting out!
  7. Being small is not key to a league being fast and successful/effective though. Your league just happens to be small. Why not have the same fast/effective league with more players? Having a respectable amount of players in a league is very appealing for a lot of people. I would say that it trumps overall competitiveness. My guess is that most would prefer to see a league with 5/20 players be dominant than to see a league where 5/5 are competitive. Limiting the draft pool is another potential issue. Some people are very picky (see swos, Freydey) and may not be able to draft players they like. Basic Problem Solving: What is causing the best players to leave? That's the underlying problem.
  8. Well, if you find the IIHF World Championships is the equivalent of the NFL, we'll just have to stop there.
  9. GDL is the NHL '94 equivalent of the NHL. Blitz is the NHL '94 equivalent of the Olympics. Classic is the NHL '94 equivalent of the IIHF World Hockey Championships. ------------------------------------------------------------------ I will never come out of retirement for Classic.
  10. I disagree as well. You are not determining who the best player is when the participants aren't allowed to pick their teams. Certain play styles don't match/mix well with certain teams.
  11. MTL has a chance at attracting Frey/Zalex/FPB
  12. lol. I'm trying to find all of the threads that are left without an ending!
  13. Epilogue: Plabax wins 100% of the major championships NHL '94 has had to offer since, solidifying the idea that Plabax really is as good as he thinks!
  14. This is the way I see it: The main goal of Plabax League was to influence all other leagues to be like mine, and for the community to model itself after the Tecmo community. Things seemed to be going on the right track, but unfortunately my progress was undermined because Et-Tu-Brute reverted to the old league structure. Instead of the community as a whole moving forward, my rule-set became an "alternative" rather than the standard, and we ended up moving backwards. It was an indirect way of the community saying, "we are not changing our ways". That is why I think not running Plablegs didn't kill NHL '94. Another thing to note is that 99% of slackers are slackers only because the community doesn't want to crack down on it. You are not grasping it correctly. For example, you say there were 40-50 coaches at times, and 20 were active. Under my method, if 40-50 coaches are around, then they are all likely active. The goal is not to have strict deadlines to kick the slackers out, the goal is to have strict deadlines so slackers don't exist. The point is.... slacking only exists because it's allowed (and supported) here. If there was absolutely no tolerance for it, then almost every single coach would be active, and you would likely never need a replacement outside of special events such as vacation, childbirth, divorce, etc. Lastly, there were more than 20 coaches last year. GDL 16 had at least 27 different coaches participate in it.
  15. I wasn't talking to myself. I was replying to aqualizard. Uncle Seth made the original comment, not me. I agree with what he said because it appears to be true. You may not like it, but you can't point out anything wrong in the comment. "Brutus killed NHL '94" is definitely not the message I am trying to portray. Here is a better way of putting it: NHL '94 is a patient on life support. Plablegs is the medication, Et-Tu-Brute is a doctor who unplugged NHL '94 from life support but didn't use the medication (due to consent), thinking nothing bad would happen despite some of his colleagues telling him the patient would die. That situation wouldn't make the doctor a killer, but you could say whether or not the patient survived was 100% in the doctor's hands.
  16. I stopped running Plablegs because I decided to stop playing. As for leading by example, it doesn't matter because there are too many people in the community who attempt to slander my character, take jabs at me and are more than happy to use my reputation against me. I don't think me being a "leader" is a realistic option. It's up to the other figures with the power, but those guys are more concerned with earning "high fives" and keeping their reputation up rather than doing what's right for the community. I agree with what Seth said here. Seth and I are like a boat driver who started to steer the Titanic clear of the iceberg knowing what would happen if the ship were to hit the iceberg, but Et-Tu-Brute is another boat driver who deliberately put the Titanic back in the path of the iceberg (for a good reason) thinking nothing bad would happen.
  17. Everyone keeps coming up with all sorts of theories, but it's simple. The leagues are PRO-slacker, and there is no incentive to play.
  18. Ask and see who is willing to play. I personally think 24 coaches is too much. 18 I think should be the absolute max because there simply isn't enough depth in the weight bugged version of NHL '94 to build 24 teams that are all competitive. GDL wasn't always 24 coaches. 24 coaches is nice and all, but I hate the idea of someone losing a draft league because they didn't get a high enough pick, and they weren't willing to rip someone off in a trade.
  19. Most of the video game tournaments I have seen were 2-3 days. I guess that's to give enough time to avoid burnout, rest, play enough games, etc. I remember Seth wished he could have had more opportunity to play at the first KO94. I'm not even sure if I'll play this game ever again. Last time I played against someone was when I won Plablegs back in February. If I showed up to a live event, it would probably be for a hour or so just to watch. The game is also better without penalties and with even advantages, but people continue to play an inferior version of the game which isn't appealing to me.
  20. Would it be possible to stretch the tournament over multiple days?
  21. Congrats to AJ!! Maybe one day I'll get to claim a world championship of my own.
  22. Epilogue: Uncle Seth beat Raph in 5 games.... Nobody wanted to listen (like always), and the Plabax turned out to be correct yet again.
  23. Momentum stopped (possibly temporarily) because the leagues kept catering to the slackers. Even after the Plabax League, the community still came up with leagues primarily designed for slackers, and guys who would show dedication to the game were constantly brushed to the side. The slacking here is at an extreme. Go anywhere else and you will see that people will find the time to do something if they really want to do it. Here, we constantly have to listen to excuses and wait 25-30 days to finish a season due to guys who claim they are "busy" and have no time to play NHL '94. Despite the fact that these guys are so damn busy.. they keep signing up, and whenever you boot them / suggest they don't play, you are the bad guy! It gets silly, especially when you look at another community with similar demographics such as the Tecmo Community and see that they have no issues there. No tolerance for bullshit, less coach turnover, quicker seasons, more seasons, more fun. They are still going strong, and they get 100% completion regularly. I've been around for six years, and I've never played in a league with 100% completion. There is definitely still an interest in the game. The game is too fun for people to stop playing. What really drives the interest level (in my opinion) is the quality of the online experience, which is primarily measured through leagues. I think the community could be active with the right league setup. I find the game fun, but I don't like waiting 30 days to play minpind, and I don't like waiting 25 days for AJ to play a playoff series.