Donnybrook: An Inspiration!

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Donnybrook and I have been friends since we were kids, and I was there when Donnybrook hit rock bottom. But since then, he's bounced back and I am so proud of him. I'd like to share his story because it's such an inspiration. He's too bashful to share this on his own, so I've taken the responsibility upon myself to post it.

It all started his senior year in high school. Donnybrook had his mind set on going to MIT; he had a 4.2 gpa, worked at the local soup kitchen on the weekends, was captain of the varsity hockey team, and studied Euclidean geometry in his spare time.

Donnybrook (senior year)


So, Donny applied to MIT in the winter of 2007, with nothing in his mind except the image of him walking through the halls of MIT as a student, happy. He had MIT banners on his wall; he grew up in Boston and looked up to people in the area who graduated from MIT; these were his celebrities-- Noam Chomsky was Donny's Wayne Gretzky.

Noam Chosmky


Donny's girlfriend would say "Donny, look, let's be realistic: MIT only accepts like 10% of its applicants. You might not get in-- you need a backup plan." Donny would respond "It's my destiny to go to MIT; it's where I've seen myself at since I was a little kid."

It was true. When Donny was only 9, he would stay up in his bed after his dad tucked him in, reading Saul Kripke when Kripke taught there.

Donny's girlfriend in high school, Jill



Waiting impatiently for months, running to the mailbox when he heard the mailman's truck on his street, Donny finally found the letter that he'd been dieing to receive.

The return address started "Massachusetts Institute of Technology"


He opened it up, and this is the letter that he found inside:



Two weeks after getting this letter, Donny hit rock bottom. He dumped Jill and would sit in his room all day, with the lights off. His mom would beg him to come out and would pound on the locked door of his room, but Donny wouldn't budge. All that think about were his dreams-- all of which would never come true.

Donny in his room


Jill was worried. She would call him, but he would never answer. She would leave messages saying "Donny, it's okay that you didn't get into MIT. We all still love you. You need to get over it and move on. MIT has no idea what it's missing. Please, Donny, come out of your room."



Eventually, Donny started leaving his room. However, he only left on vodka runs. Unshaven, he would crawl out of his room, the light of the sun blinding him, where he would walk to the liquor store and buy a handle of Vladimir.



To Donny, liquor was the only escape from the fact that he didn't get into MIT.


A change came when Donny found while doing a google search for porn. The game was like an escape for him. All he did was play NHL94; MIT no longer mattered, all that mattered was scoring goals with Roenick.

And that is where Donny is today-- he's a real winner, an inspiration to us all. He overcame his rejection from MIT and became a champion-- an NHL94 champion.

Donny even found a new girlfriend, after calling Jill, begging her to take him back.

Donny's new girlfriend, Martha, who fully supports his NHL94 habits





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Maybe it's his birthday?

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I liked Jill better

and you look like Lou Ferrigno.

oya and I plowed the Dean's daughter under the alias, Donny "The Don" Brook

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