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Vs Texas

Game 1: ATl 2(2,3) - TEX 12 (3,4)

In 7 innings. Very bad play on all counts for Atlanta. Texas gradualy dominated the game

Game 2: TEX 5(1,2) - ATL 6(4,1)

After stepping in, Ian mananged to lead in damage control. A couple of 2-man homeruns helped Atlanta complete a comeback from a 3-0 deficit.

It's a little tough to win games consistently here. In the first game I either made pop-outs or weak infield hits. I think Atlanta isn't a good road team or something =P

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bump standings updated

deadline to have all games done will be end of sept, to coincide playoffs with mlb playoffs.

Try to get some games in whenever you can though.

Tight race for 6th and final playoff spot with 6 teams basically fighting for 2 spots.

Orangeblack made a huge move to 6th after going 4-1 this week.

Also a very close race between Detroit and Texas for the 2nd seed and a first round bye.

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(8 inn)

(real tight game, mav decides to quit with a full 9th inning still remaining-never seen this before in my life, in 1 run tight game, shocking, disgusting and very disappointing, still boggles my mind I cannot think of a single good reason to quit at this point)


CHI 12 2ND

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Chaos, NJ, Clockwize: Where are thou?

I'm thinking the same thing as you do. Where are you, guys?

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I can finally post something on this tourney

Atl 12 (#3,4)

LA 1 (#2,4)

A eventual beatdown that ended in 8 innings.

LA 6 (#3,1)

Atl 5 (#1,2)

2nd game for Atlanta had a comeback that sadly ended up short in the 9th.

Now for the series with Jesus:

OAK 12 (#s 2,3

ATL 2 (#s 2,4

Atlanta didn't stand a chance against Oakland's big sluggers. Both pitchers had a bad time.

ATL 8 (#s 1 and 3

OAK 7 (#s 1 and 4)

This was one comeback Atlanta wouldn't miss. The 2nd reliever held on for the win after a late Oakland surge

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Possibly Final standings


Iceguy comes 1 win away from forcing a playoff to get in the playoff...NJK has gone MIA and unfortunetely couldnt get a huge series with AJ in, one that woulda really determined 2nd seed.

Big thanks to kupuck and clockwise for continuing to play their games despite being out of the race, (sf is horrid offensively in the game, and oakland isnt great either on o next time youll get some nice clubs).

Unless some games get in tonight

Here are the likely playoff matchups

(3)Detroit Xdeathbloodx 15-5


(6)Toronto Orangeblack 8-10

(4)Minnesota Mav 13-9


(5)New York FPB 10-8


(1)Chicago Habs 20-2

(2)Texas Angryjay 16-4

Best of 7 series, higher seed can determine if they want home or away field 2-2-1-1-1 format

Remember HOST (player 1) is actually the road team, player 2 is home team

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