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Flasox wins GENS A title


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(2)Flasox edges (1) Frey in 6 games to lift the Stanley Cup.

CHI 6 LA 2

CHI 4 LA 3


LA 2 CHI 1

CHI 3 LA 4

LA 3 CHI 6

I rarely find the time to post much here, but I do care about you guys and this site, so just a few final words....

Great series Freydey and congrats on making it to the finals in probably the most competitive year ever--I am sure we will meet again. This was a hard fought championship that I will cherish…perhaps this marks the start of a new rivalry.

Some interesting geographical notes about major championships for this year…2012 may be the first time 3 different countries have owned one of the 3 major titles all in the same year. Canada and Finland are the proud owners of the most recent GDL and Blitz titles, and now USA has exerted its dominance to win its 5th consecutive Classic major title. This shows how far 94 has come through the years and what an amazing culture it has become.

Before I put the wraps on this season, I have to thank all the A league coaches for their class, commitment, and respect for the game. 94 is such an incredible game and it’s been a blast meeting people from all over the world during my time here. I would not be the player I am today without the challenges you present to me because that helps elevate and diversify my game and bring it to new levels. GENS A is the holy grail-- this is really special and you guys made me work hard for it.

Thanks to Halifax and Chaos for their contributions to the great website. Gotta give a special shout out to nikpetro(best nhl94 player in da world) for helping me reach my potential. This was an exhilarating ride and rewarding season and I look forward to defending my title for the next GENS A classic.

Anything is possible, peace everyone


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Congrats but I gotta give respect to Frey for making to the final with la.......not taking anything away from u but winning with Chicago has always been my pet peev w/classic......I like the team elimination concept brings some strategy into the league......I dare anyone to take on Terry take,s ducks!

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Congrats to Flasox on a great season, that series was really weird, like 3 injuries minimum per game lol, ggs

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Congrats flasox!

Ya 6 of last 7 classic titles belng to usa. FPB last canuck to win it.

Last 7 teams to win :








Flasox didn't u win a classic with chicago before?

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Nope..this is the first CHI cup for me and for the Blackhawks(according to nhl94online, not sure what happened before that site existed).

Biggest drought is for the Canadiens who have never won yet, they are due if you ask me

Detroit hasn't gone far in forever it seems either

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