any interest in a shootout tourney?

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not lookin for a 2 week long contest but a quick 1,2 or 3 night event.

lets get a few sign ups, make random brackets, best of 3, winner moves on.

teams??? idk... west vs west or any team of ur choosing

some rules should be: a player can only be assigned one slot if u edit ur lines. and manual goalie obv. the 2 game home advantage should be determined randomly by an unbiased 3rd party.

just some ideas to get the discussion going. i dont really wanna run this but i can help with the format.

chime in with ur ideas and we'll set a time frame when this starts shaping up

open to anyone and everyone, just dont say IN if your not gunna be around cuz ur gunna get skipped


up for grabs: RrisBaM.png

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sweet. im thinkin, keep sing ups open today, then start this party monday with a 2 night time limit to play each match up? is that enough time ya think?

i'll post the draw outcome tomorrow and ur first match should be completed by 11:59pm (Pacific Daylight Time) Tuesday.

we should probably post scheduling attempts to help determine who gets skipped if someone doesn't show up for a match. That said I think a 1 night extension could be granted upon request as I rather not see anyone get skipped or get a bye. altho requests must be made before the deadline.

also im thinkin a re-draw after each round may be in order. Winners names will be assigned a number then via a random number generator matches for the new round will be made. incase of an odd number of players, the player whose number did not get drawn will get the bye

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Im in and ready to finally make a comeback!

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