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  1. A truly epic performance. He used to come to this restaurant I worked at and I talked to him once or twice. Every time he showed up I'd try to find a 94 cartridge to get him to sign.
  2. AIM is a joke, they're finally killing it. I can't log on on my computer any more. Please send me a mobile message or respond to this so we can play.
  3. G: Burke LD: Svoboda RD: Desjardins LW: Roberts C: Gilmour RW: Shanahan X: Cullen G: Gosselin LD: Leschyshyn RD: Cavallini LW: Nemchinov C: Cullen RW: Ranheim X: Gilmour
  4. You're like if John Leguizamo and David Lee Roth did so much coke in 1989 that they somehow had a baby. In other words, pure brilliance.
  5. Haha, that looks hilarious. Like every time somebody gets hit, a bunch of paprika flies out of their mouth and all over the place.
  6. If anybody wants to swap teams I'd love to get out of Florida.
  7. I can't remember much of this game because I was so tired after partying the night before with everybody then having to get up insanely early.
  8. I'll be online after work (6:30 PM) and I'd love to beat the deadline, so if we have games, let's please try to play. Thanks.
  9. Yeah, I'd like to know this as well as soon as possible so I can take a day or two off work.
  10. I clicked on this expecting it to be a list of Slackers that hokkeefan is calling to be replaced so he can take their spot. I'm very disappointed.
  11. Am I crazy or do the ratings closely correspond to who was in the Skills Competition at the All-Star Game in each event? Bourque's shot ratings reflect this, so do the fastest skaters.
  12. I work 10AM-6:30 PM Monday-Friday. I don't have many other commitments so if you want to play, just ask me in advance and I can usually make it work.
  13. CamKneely

    GDL XV Draft

    Chris Dahlquist.
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