What about an After Season Winter Tourno?


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  1. 1. Which ROM do you want to play on the tournament?

    • 3on3
    • Bench (best line players are removed from every teams)
    • Reverse (forwards are defs and vica versa)
    • Classic
    • Classic 20min, line changes and offside ON
    • Ratings Flip (stats are reversed)
    • Other (leave a comment)

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Probably (if the schedule is right) the playoffs will be finished in mid/late Dec.. so bringing back this fantastic game to snesot after a year will be cool.
My Q is who will be up for this after season ( or pre-season of the Spring League :D ) fun?

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I can probably get one setup on www.snesot.com

We have quite a few different tournaments there. Some editted ROMs we use are classic, 3 on 3, reverse(defenders are forwards and forwards are defenders), ratings flip(bad players are now good and good players suck) and a bench rom(only bench players are used, "best line" players have been deleted.

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A draft league with a set budget line would be nice... but of course almost every type of tournaments are really great. The only point is playing nhl94 and having fun :D

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Just a note ... not listed in the poll is a different "reverse" rom where defenders are now forwards and forwards become defenders. Ever wonder what it would be like to have Ray Bourque at center?


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