GDL X Finals - Buffalo (swos) vs St.Louis (IceStorm)

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The GDL X Finals are completed...the videos are below. I created 7 sections each under a "spoiler" so you can watch the action unfold and not know who wins!

The Mark Lesser Conference Champion St. Louis Blues (IceStorm) take on the Ron Barr Conference Champion Buffalo Sabres (swos)

The starting lineups (for the most part):

St. Louis Blues

LD - Bruce Driver #23

RD - Calle Johansson #6

LW - Sergei Fedorov #91

C - Brett Hull #16

RW - Nelson Emerson #7

G- Ron Hextall #27

Buffalo Sabres

LD - Adam Burt #6

RD - James Patrick #3

LW - Cliff Ronning #7

C - Valeri Kamensky #31

RW - Benoit Hogue #33

G- Andy Moog #35

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Game 7

kingraph comments:

Congratulations to swos on winning GDL X! What an amazing comeback in this series. He was one overtime away from getting swept, and also down 3-0 in game 5, coming back to win 4-3 in OT. Incredible turnaround! Congratulations to IceStorm on a great season, this one will sting for sure as he was a hair's length away from winning it all.

Swos went an AMAZING 8-0 in elimination games. Down 3-1 to Freydey, down 3-2 to kingraph, and down 3-1 to IceStorm, swos came up big when it mattered each time. What a great playoffs! He can now join kgman as the only 2 time champion!

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Gotta give full marks to SWOS. Key coaching move imo was when he put in Ronning at C. Was hoping that would never happen, when it did I think it kinda threw me off my game. Then his D just shut me down the last 2 games.

Also, SWOS' GC was outstanding this series. Made several one timer manual saves.


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