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Here's an idea I've been contemplating for a few weeks and floated around on the SNES buds chat a few nights ago. Starting from the first SNES classic league ever held and going all the way up to the Fall 2013 league, I propose that we invite all former league champions back for a one-time only tournament to determine who the greatest SNES NHL 94 player of all time is. Obviously, a lot of details (format, groupings, teams, etc) would still have to be worked out based on how many players signed up, but I think this could be a really cool and fun event.

NorthwayNative even added the additional idea of some sort of prize or reward (yet to be determined), in order to draw further interest and attention from players who have not been seen here in a very long time.

Halifax, we would probably need your help, and that of the other mods, to create the list of all former champions and send out the necessary e-mails to them (especially the guys who don't come here often, if at all, anymore). However, I can only imagine the possibilities of dream match-ups and the sheer amount of skill and talent that would be present. Grayto, JeffBC, BoKnows, XOT82, Annatar, Northway, Fenty, c4outlaws, etc....the list goes on and on...

What do you all think?

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bobk....should've left your post about being slighted bud ;)

nice idea oilers......most of those early guys I've tried to contact on numerous occasions over the last few years and have never heard back. sorry bud.

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