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Draft LINK *thanks to KING Raph***


C/B FIX will be used.

Roster needs to be 6 Forwards, 4 Def & 2 Goalies when the draft ends.

Draft starts July 8th, Wednesday.

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Draft Rules

Open draft rounds

Round 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 & 11 using snake order starting from Draft Order below.

Protect Rounds

Rounds 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12 are to follow a protection/keeper rule/supplemental pick rule.

You send upfront your protect list for Round 2,4,6,8,10 & 12. These players are then on your roster and not subject to the draft.

Protection Rules:

You can only protect a player that was drafted in that protect round or later in last year's draft.

Round 2 Protect (On your team, but drafted Round 2 or later in Blitz 10's draft)

Round 4 Protect (On your team, but drafted Round 4 or later in Blitz 10's draft )

Round 6 Protect (On your team, but drafted Round 6 or later in Blitz 10's draft)

Round 8 Protect (On your team, but drafted Round 8 or later in Blitz 10's draft)

Round 10 Protect (On your team, but drafted Round 10 or later in Blitz 10's draft)

Round 12 Protect (On your team, but drafted Round 12 in Blitz 10's draft)

Again, once you protect a player upfront before the draft, he is no longer available to be picked by other coaches, thus the term keeper league.

If you choose to NOT protect a player in one of the given Protect Rounds (this is an option for each protect Round), you then lose that player but are now eligible to take part in that round's Supplemental Pick.

Supplemental Picks

Supplemental picks go in between a round, so after the protection round but before that next draft round.

Supplemental Pick 2.5

After Round 2 protects, but before Round 3's draft starts.

Supplemental Pick 4.5

After Round 4protects, but before Round 5's draft starts.

Supplemental Pick 6.5

After Round 6 protects, but before Round 7's draft starts.

Supplemental Pick 8.5

Same for Rounds 10 & 12.

Who takes part in the supplemental picks?

Any coach that chose NOT to protect a player for that protection round & chose to "drop" their protection option.

What draft order is used for supplemental picks?

The PREVIOUS ROUNDS ORDER. So, if you pick first in Round 1, and you go into the supplemental draft 2.5, you'd have first pick in supplemental as well. If you pick last in Round 3, you'd pick last if you are in the Supplemental Round 4. This does not change/affect the draft order for the next round.

What are the limitations to this pick?

Any supplemental pick can only be used for any unprotected player that was drafted the next round or later. So, Round 2.5 supplemental picks are good for players drafted last season Round 3 or later. Round 4.5 supplemental picks are good for players drafted Round 5 or later in last season's draft.

Are there any exceptions to the limitation rule?

YES. All replacement teams have no restrictions for which players they can take. If a player is unprotected, a replacement coach's supplemental pick can be used for him.

Why have Supplemental Picks?

Previously, in order to help teams make their custom rosters & changes, some seasons allowed these protection picks to be traded, and the result usually lead to some real stacked teams. The other issue was some guys wanted to re-tool their team, but being forced to protect a player without the ability to trade protections for other picks/players, limited this ability. Using the Supplemental draft enables a player to dump a given round and pick another player. Putting restrictions on what you can actually pick up with that supplemental pick prevents guys from gaming the system. Enabling replacement players to not have these restrictions prevented a few loopholes in the supplemental system and also enabled the replacement coaches to not be as penalized for taking over a team they didn't draft/build.

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I updated the rules to change the rounds, since we alternate rounds of protection in Blitz.

THIS SEASON, WE DRAFT ROUND 1, so your first PROTECT will be a guy drafted last year Round 2 or later.

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You protect a player for Round 2.

If you chose NOT to, and "DROP", then you take part in the Supplemental Draft that goes AFTER each round.

The "list" of players available in the Supplemental Round for each 2.5, 4.5, 6.5 is the round after.

So, Supplemental Round 2.5 is for players drafted after Round 3 or later. Replacement coaches don't have the Round restrictions on their supplemental pick if they drop, but pick from the pool of available players (minus Ice, as he kept his old team.)

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Prolly quicker to go back through draft threads for Blitz 10.

Guessing supplemental picks are truly picks in the prior round not current round Chaos. The teams waived their first,3rd etc protects last year to get supplementally.

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Supplemental pick is the same as protecting a guy that round.

So, if you dropped in Round 1, then your supplemental pick 1.5 counted as a Round 1 pick.

If you dropped in Round 3, the supplemental pick you made in Round 3.5 counts as a Round 3 pick, and so on.

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Draft order if you are in any supplemental round (dropped your protect for that round) is based on the previous round's draft order.

Supplemental 2.5 goes off of Round 1.

Supplemental 4.5 goes off of Round 3, etc.

This is how it was last year as well.

Any user coach that did NOT draft his team the previous season is a replacement coach, and then does not have the restrictions on the Supplemental pick. All other coaches cannot use the Supplemental picks to "upgrade" their draft slot, and must pick someone drafted AFTER that Round in the previous draft.

Supplemental 2.5 Round requires the player be drafted last season in Round 3 or later.

Supplemental 4.5 Round draft pool for those picks consists of players drafted Round 5 or later.

This prevents some of the gaming of the system using the drops, and also enables replacement coaches the chance to customize their rosters w/ out all the limitations from the previous, non-defunct coach.

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