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Making a homebrew (Genesis?) hockey game...


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seriously. don't be scared from discussion; that's why many of us are here, even if it seems to not be the case with the barrage of unproductive and trivial nonsense that fills so much of our zone. please don't let a lack of positive response slow your curiosity, your exploration, your insight. I thank you for daring to cross the sea of lazy naysayers.

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An interesting reddit thread in the ELI5 (explain like I'm five) subreddit, about AI in sports video games.


From the top rated post:

"Good sports AI needs to fool you. The goal is to convince the human player that what the AI opponent did is what would plausibly happen in the real world. You want the human player to say "geez, that was good" and even "I hate this game (because it's legitimately hard)"... but not "that was stupid" or "bullshit, I hate this game because that would never happen."

If your goal is realism, I suppose that is true.

In a remake of 94' though, one the initial goals, might be to have the AI play more like a human - playing 94'. Even just getting the computer to use the speed burst, would be a major improvement.

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yeah. a tall task, for sure. at least we haven't been (yet) forced to go this route. we are still able to improve and alter the old classics without EA coming down on us with lawsuits and the likes. I haven't been there in a while, but my understanding is that the Super Mario World emulating/creating community has been under serious fire from Nintendo while they are trying to push something called Mario Maker in the cash marketplace. hopefully that is just through the "holiday" season and hopefully we don't see similar actions upon us.

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look at Gridiron Heroes


the TSB community was huge, they did great things and someone took it to a new level and made a retro game similar to the orginal

stop wishing for a 94 source to fall out of the sky, you be better off starting from scratch and trying to copy it

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You are welcome, I am glad to explain this.

There are three other MIAA leagues in the nation, all being outside of Massachusetts: There is the Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association, the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association, and the Mid~America Intercollegiate Athletics Association, respectively; Michigan's MIAA handles the NCAA's Division III in that area, whereas, Mid~America's handles the NCAA's Division II teams for their region.

Maryland's MIAA is for 029 Baltimore Metro area Senior High Schools, but only uses 028 of them for Ice Hockey.

The Women's incarnation of Maryland's MIAA, the Interscholastic Athletic Association of Maryland (IAAM, for short), only handles Field Hockey, but still makes use of a Thirty Team Cap; who knows, I might also make IAAM Women's Hockey titles at some point too, it more than likely might be probable. (:

. (:

Good old MIAA. My high school sports league. Baltimore is a Mecca of women's field hockey. The MIAA came about when the public magnet schools broke away from the private and parochial schools which previously formed the MSA. Almost all the private and some public schools are single sex in these parts this why there are different leagues for boys and girls. The MIAA is only boys sports while the IAAM is girls sports. The MIAA is routinely mentioned as the top lacrosse league in the nation, but hockey... Well in Maryland hockey isn't too popular. My wife did play in the ice hockey IAAM league,

Go Greyhounds. Beat McDonough.

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