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NHL 94 Fails At Math

I didn't make that, and also is that the SNES version of the game or is it not 94 at all?

Definately appears to be the SNES version of NHL94.

So how does the game calculates 365% from 212 / 314 passes? Here's how! (yes, it's a bug/oversight)

The function that calculates the percentages in-game must only accept/expect bytes values.

A byte can only accommodate for 256 values (0 to 255). Add 1 to the value 255 and the byte effectively returns to the value 0.

212 can be stored within a byte, but 314 effective becomes 58 (314 - 256, or 314 mod 256 to be more technically correct).

Calculating a percentage with this, 212 / 58 *100 = 365.52%

EA seemingly never expected anyone to make more than 255 passes in a game!

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for SNES, if you skate into the goalie and lose the puck and it goes in, there is no shot. I often have 120% shooting averages.

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