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Rob Bar Conference Finals - GA Series


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It has 5 long years since these two have met in any post season series. Should be a fun radio GA GA series.

Funny thing is I am currently in Calgary and Zalex is Montreal.

(3) Montreal (46-21-0) mon.gif

PTSPG Leader: Sakic 2.91 (11th)

In Goal: Essensa 3.64 (4th) .706 SV (2nd)


(4) Calgary (42-22-0) cgy.gif

PTSPG Leader: Roenick 3.80 (4th)

In Goal: Pietrngelo 0.00 GAA 1.00 SV (1st)

Barrasso 4.20 GAA .618 SV

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You had your time, you had the power
You've yet to have your finest hour
Trapon, Trapon.

All we hear is Trapon ga ga
Trapon goo goo
Trapon ga ga
All we hear is Trapon ga ga
Trapon blah blah
Trapon, someone still loves you!

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Calgary advances to the cup finals in 4 games.

Game 1 Game 2 & Game 3 all ended 6-5 CGY with the flames scoring the GWG in the final seconds of each the game.

Heartbreaking for the canadiens. Unbelievable...

GGs again Habs

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