OT Question About Releasing A Rom Hack - Full Rom or IPS Patch?

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Sorry if this is off topic, but I've been working on a project to update NBA Jam T.E. with modern rosters. My question is basically this - should I be afraid of any legal ramifications if I upload the entire rom? I see that the Tecmo Bowl, RBI Baseball and NHL 94 hacks are all released as roms, but I also know it's kind of a grey area thing and I don't want to be held responsible for any damages or whatever. It sounds ridiculous since it's a 20 something year old game, but I just want to cover my ass haha. The IPS patching seems like a hassle so I'd rather just release the full rom if possible.

Would appreciate any advice. Thanks!

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I used to worry about this, but we've never had any issues. EA knows we're here and what we do.

If you were to have any trouble, it wouldn't come from EA. Maybe the NBA might have a problem with it, but it's doubtful.


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Also, the IPS patches are not as bad as it seems.  To create an IPS patch, you have to have the modified ROM and the original.  The Lunar IPS program creates the patch based on the differences between the two ROMs.  Very quick and easy...and you can sleep at night knowing that Commissioner Silver isn't sending a hit squad to get you. 

But as smozoma says, we haven't had any issues and neither have the Tecmo guys, you will be fine either way.  I think you'd get their attention if you were somehow making a lot of money off the games. 

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So every season Nba 2k, Madden & Mlb the Show come out with new games with updated rosters for that game.  Then, shortly after, custom ROMS/rosters created by users of the game become available to download , even through the games sites.


They usually include all kind of legends of all time, tweaks to custom ratings with modern players to suit that users preference.  Usually a few of them become immensely popular & become the standard downloads.


The NBA, NFL & MLB have no issue with it because it's not being used to sell the game & licensed was already paid. EA & 2k even allow it in their game cause it helps sell more of their games.  

You can create any T shirt in the world you want & wear it, but if you sell it for a profit is where I believe the licensing rights kick in for using someone's likeness. 

So, unless your modded version of someone else's games starts to cut into sales of the new game, I doubt the manufacturer is coming around at all.  Because technically the download of emulator games is breaking the original piracy protection, kind of like grabbing movies for free from torrent.  I don't think editing the game & uploading it is any different.  If these games were currently for sale, & we were posting free versions, whether hacked or not, would be the issue.


As it stands, IMO, you have zero to worry about.


But I'm not a legal expert on such matters, so if you are crazy rich & worried about being sued, contact your lawyer.


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