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Premium Retro League Season 2 Bailey Bobble Finals


KingRaph and his NY Rangers will look to defend the PRL title and win the Bailey Bobble in a rematch from Season 1 with the Detroit Red Wings and Icestorm.  Both teams had to work with completely rebuilt line-ups as no one returned from their Season 1 teams.


The Rangers were Regular Season Champs again with a mark of 18-1-1.  They were led by Retro Goalie Jacques Plante who had one of the all-time best Save % at .766 a 2.49 GAA and 3 shutouts.  Offensively, Mats Sundin (58 goals/26 assist), Geoff Sanderson (43/32), and Andy Bathgate (17/38) led the Rangers.  Red Kelly was the leading scorer from the Blueline.  The Rangers defeated Tex and the Montreal Canadiens in the Semi-Finals 4 games to 1.


Icestorm and the Red Wings fell to fourth in the Regular Season standings (10-6-4) and actually barely snuck into the Bailey Booble Playoffs.  Once in though Ice showed his mettle with a 4 game sweep of Aqualizard and his Super-team LA Kings.  Ice made big news by bringing Gordie Howe back to the Motor City and along with Vinny Damphousse and Valeri Kamensky, led the Red Wings offensively.

Hopefully Kingraph will video the series and post here later tonight.:big_smile:

The PRL continues to lead the way in NHL 94 Leagues completing its second season with 100% completion in under 2 months. 
The PRL launch in Mid-September 2017 and has completed 2 seasons with 100% of the games played including consolation rounds in the Playoffs.  
The PRL combines a rotating NHL 94 Draft Pool with Historic Players from the past.  
Season 1 was the 94 Patrick Division Teams and players from 1952.  
Season 2 was the 94 Adams Division Teams and players from 1956.  
Season 3 will feature the 94 Norris Division Teams and players from 1961.

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Bailey Bobble.jpg

Congratulations to the New York Rangers and KingRaph on Back to Back PRL Championships and winning the Bailey Bobble!
The Rangers won an epic 7 game series against Icestorm and the Detroit Red Wings (4 one goal games)


Season 2 Bobblehead Awards


Bailey Bobble = New York Rangers (KingRaph) = 8-4
Presidents Bobble = New York Rangers (KingRaph) = 18-1-1
Goals Scored Bobble = New York Rangers (KingRaph) = 125
Goals Against Bobble = New York Rangers (KingRaph) =  49
Checks per Game Bobble = Minnesota NorthStars (CoachMac) = 30.8
Most PIM's = New York Rangers (KingRaph) = 37
Best Power Play Bobble = Detroit Red Wings (Icestorm) = 38.5%
Best Penalty Kill Bobble = Detroit Red Wings (Icestorm) = 81.5%

Regular Season

Most Points Bobble = Mats Sundini (New York/KingRaph) = 58-26-84
Most D Points Bobble = Zarley Zalapski (Montreal/Tex) = 17-18-35
Most Goals Bobble = Mats Sundini (New York/KingRaph) = 58
Most D Goals Bobble = Zarley Zalapski (Montreal/Tex) = 17
Most Checks Bobble = Ray Bourque (Minnesota/CoachMac) = 252
Most PIM Bobble = Doug Bodger (Philadelphia/Chef) = 12
Best GAA Bobble = Jacques Plante (New York/KingRaph) = 2.49
Best SV% Bobble = Jacques Plante (New York/KingRaph) = .766
Most Shutouts Bobble = Jacques Plante (New York/KingRaph) = 3


Most Points Bobble = Mats Sundin (New York/KingRaph) = 27-8-35
Most Goals Bobble = Mats Sundin (New York/KingRaph) = 27
Best GAA Bobble = Jacques Plante (New York/KingRaph) = 3.27
Best SV% Bobble = Jacques Plante (New York/KingRaph) = .672

Best Retro Player Bobble = Jacques Plante (New York/KingRaph)

List up any others.....

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One last Shout Out to the whole league on a great job on Season 1 Patrick and Season 2 Adams:haha:

Looking forward to a great Season 3 Norris.


Patrick 1

Adams 2

Norris 3


New York Rangers

New York Rangers







Mark Recchi

Jacques Plante










Bailey Bobble

NYR (KR) 8-3

NYR (KR) 8-4



NYR (KR) 15-0-5

NYR (KR) 18-1-1



NYR (KR) 116

NYR (KR) 125


Goals Against

NYR (KR) 58

NYR (KR) 49



BOS (AL) 31.5

MIN (CM) 30.8



BOS (AL) 35

NYR (KR) 37


Power Play

MTL (TX) 31%

DET (IS) 38.5%


Penalty Kill

NYR (KR) 89.3%

DET (IS) 81.5%











Recchi (KR) 73

Sundin (KR) 84


D Points

Kasatonv (TX) 29

Zalapski (TX) 35



Gartner (TX) 45

Sundin (KR) 58


D Goals

Iafrate (TX) 9

Zalapski (TX) 17



Recchi (KR) 33

Bathgate (KR) 38


D Assist

Kasatonv (TX) 25

Duchesne (AL) 22



Lindros (AL) 229

Bourqe (CM) 252



Krupp (AL) 13

Bodger (CS) 12











Beupre (KR) 2.90

Plante (KR) 2.49



Beupre (KR) .693

Plante (KR) .766



Beaupre (KR) 2

Plante (KR) 3











Recchi (KR) 36

Sundin (KR) 35


D Points

Kjell Sam (KR) 15

Kelly (KR) 17



Stevens (KR) 22

Sundin (KR) 27


D Goals

Ulf Sam (KR) 2

Leshyshyn (IS) 3



Bondra (KR) 18

Kelly (KR) 15


D Assist

Kjell Sam (KR) 14

Kelly (KR) 15



Terreri (IS) 3.47

Plante (KR) 3.27



Terreri (IS) .703

Plante (KR) .672















Recchi (KR) 73

Sundin (KR) 84



Bondra (KR) 64

Sandersn (KR) 75



Gartner (TX) 63

Neely (LZ) 69



Tikkanen (IS) 56

Beliveau (BR) 69



Stevens (KR) 56

Lindros (AL) 69



Lindros (AL) 55

Kamensky (IS) 60



Kasatonv (TX) 29

Zalapski (TX) 35



Iafrate (TX) 28

Murphy (LZ) 24



Hatcher (AL) 24

Desjardis (JR) 22



Johanson (IS) 22

Kelly (KR) 22



Beupre (KR) .693

Plante (KR) .766



Terreri (IS) .683

Hall (TX) .726



PRL Almanac.docx

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16 minutes ago, kingraph said:

LOVE the stats!  Note that Beaupre's save % was .693, you carried over Plante's.  

Thanks, I fixed it.

We so often just focus on Drafts and the beginning of Seasons, I feel like we should do more with Playoffs, Championships, and the End of Seasons.
Also, so much cool info on 94online, that is never compiled or used.

I made this based on what I most like to look at and give a synopsis of Seasons.

Maybe a Drunk Brutus Post-season Video would be in Order.
i would love to see his Post-season analysis even more than his Draft.:grimace:

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