Tournament Package For Sale

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Plenty here to get a start running a tournament.

Thought I'd post here before selling things Individually on E-bay.

@halifax @Edge of '94 Midwest @McMikey @kingraph @chaos or anybody else.

What is included?

1 Genesis Everdrive.

1 SNES Everdrive.

1 Sega Genesis 1 with 2 6 button controllers, power cord, and hook up.

2 Sega Genesis 2 each with 2 3 button controllers, power cord, and hook up.

1 SNES, 1 controller, power cord, and hook up.

1 Gamerz Tech Mini Gen HD with controllers and power cord.

1 Gamerz Tech NES HD System with controllers and power cord.

1 EA Sports 4 way play.

2 Genesis NHL 94 Carts

3 Genesis NHLPA 93 Carts

2 Genesis NHL 92 Carts

1 NES Tecmo Super Bowl Cart

1 SNES NHL 94 Cart

1 SNES Griffey Baseball Cart.

Asking Price $200




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2 hours ago, clockwise said:

Ended up passing on this, guys. 

Turns out a blessing for me.

OK, so I am pulling back some things and not selling them as when I was testing everything and boxing it up, I realized how awesome those Gamerz Tech HD systems are.

I had a framemeister and for me these perform much better.  I am keeping these.

Still could sell some pieces individually.  Especially the SNES Everdrive.  DM if interested in it or anything else, besides the Gamerz Tech stuff, but pick one up and trash the CRT TV.

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