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Line Rolling League Season 3 Team Draft


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Season 3 Draft

Hello everyone and welcome back to Season 3 as we wrap up our first cycle through the league. 

Just a tiny bit of housekeeping here before we commence with the draft. There are only 8 unused teams remaining for the 9 players drafting here, so we will need to incorporate one recycled team. 

In the first screenshot below you will find the details to every team available this season. Several players have been moved around or added to due to the presence of expansion players and teams. Each team will have at least 12 F and 8 D available. The second screenshot below will give a detailed breakdown of every player I had to create.

Lastly, I'm bringing back 3 teams from season 2, only one of the 3 can be drafted. The 1st overall pick may choose to bypass the season 2 teams, they (along with all other subsequent picks) are not forced into picking a season 2 team. Once ONE of the season 2 teams is selected, they are ALL removed from the board.





Draft Order

1. @danTML7 - Philadelphia Flyers

2. @chaos - Hartford Whalers

3. @Jamiesoccer - New York Islanders

4. @JSchmidt - St. Louis Blues 

5. @MikeGartner22 - San Jose Sharks

6. @corbettkb - Florida Panthers

7. @Mitch Kramer - Tampa Bay Lightning

8. @kingraph - Mighty Ducks of Anaheim

9. @angryjay93 - Ottawa Senators

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