NCAA 2020 - NCHC

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2020 NCHC.bin

I went back in time to 2016 and approved Arizona State's application to join the NCHC - with only one independent I had to find somewhere to put them...

One more conference remaining before the Frozen Four with the Top 32 college teams.

2020 NCHC t_000.jpg

2020 NCHC t_001.jpg

2020 NCHC t_002.jpg

2020 NCHC t_006.jpg

2020 NCHC t_009.jpg

2020 NCHC t_013.jpg

2020 NCHC t_017.jpg

2020 NCHC t_020.jpg

2020 NCHC t_014.jpg


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Thanks for creating this! I shared it on social media. 

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Thank you very much for creating your wonderful collegiate hockey roms. I really like what you did with lowering the speed of the puck, passes being slower makes it a very different and unique NHL 94 experience. And also I noticed that you lowered the speed of C-button defensive speed bursts. So when you do a C-button speed burst you don't cover as much ground as normal. This makes the rink feel bigger and this makes it feel like you really have to sprint a lot to get to loose pucks.

Also the speed at which skaters turn also seems to be slightly slower which feels very cool as well. I'm guessing you lowered some ratings to achieve this. Excellent work, when I get a chance it will be fun to really get into some long matches in your gameplay!

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JK3 is killin' it with these awesome quarantine-era roms!!!  Nice job buddy!

You are so money, but you don't even know it. But you do. Classic ...

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3 hours ago, Jkline3 said:

Thanks everyone, it's been a lot of fun making them - and next year will be so much easier since most of the graphics will already have been done!

People are loving it! Great job man! 48 downloads today is a great start!

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