HOW To Stream Your Own Games

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Hey Everyone

So this year with the A league being as hot as it is with the world's top players, i am finding myself wanting to watch these games more regularly... while i LOVE the Smoz, Raph and Halifax Thursday Night Specials, they are not ENOUGH 

SO. The only way i can selfishly enjoy my evenings with a brew and chips in the times of COVID is to teach YOU slackers how to STREAM.

My experience so far is that, while wired in, i haven't experienced direct lag from running a stream at the same time as playing a game so unless your internet connection sucks (In which case you should upgrade it) you should be fine.



Step 1: Create a TWITCH account:


Choose your username and all of that good stuff and just get your account live. Don't need to configure much on this end right now


Step 2: Download Streamlabs OBS

If you need some help configuring Streamlabs OBS with twitch, go here:


Once you download StreamLabs OBS and create your basic settings, you login to your TWITCH account from STREAMLABS. It then does all of the magic and makes the connection:


Step 3: Follow My Instructions Here:

I go through step by step what you will need to stream in this video and how to setup StreamLabs OBS

Let me know if you have any questions, otherwise i look forward to watching your streams!!


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You do need to mention about the stream key. It's kind of hard to find, but needs to be put into the OBS settings. Cheers!!

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