GDL 6 Draft Round 1

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1.5 Quebec: Teemu Selanne

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1. Hartford

2. Rangers (Evitage)

3. Boston

4. Anaheim (Houlanov)

5. Quebec











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sorry for the wait, was at the ranger game tonight and didn't realize this started today

heheehe :P Lang lang lang

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ill probably end up deleting this topic and make a cleaner, prettier one once the finals are over, im expecting the draft to officially get rolling on monday since thats the earliest day i can really watch over it. hopefully by then Dmitry will have the database set up as well so we know who is officially available.

Also ill be making an offical draft rules thread to hammer out details of how i will manage things and then an official trade page where hokkee can blow through his 5 trades in less than 5 minutes.

Concerning our league rom, Donch has proved to be very kind to all of us again by utilzing his artistic skills in creating the logos and jerseys and all the other glitzy stuff that goes into the visiual quality of our rom.

I will be creating my first rom in respects of setting up the rosters, hopefully this will all go smoothly and i will be able to produce a preseason rom once the trades are all wrapped up within a day or two of the end of the trade window.

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Especially i don't see some kind of list, around, am i last by default cuz i just joined?

youre last because you lost the lottery among new coaches. everyone just needs to relax, we're way ahead of the game right now, there is a list for the first 17 picks in the general forum, an update will come later tonight, everyone just take a deep breath.

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