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Vegas GDL6 Championship Odds


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I'll take you up on that bet! AHHHH I can't wait to go on a nice 1-item shopping spree


I decided a long time ago that if you get 10,000 to 1 or better on anything, you take it. I mean really, it's clear I'm not going to win, make the playoffs, or probably win any more than 5 or 6 games (at most), but just $1 for that $50,000 1 in a billion shot. Why not?

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Usually these are what you would win on a $100 bet. So if I bet $100 on snoboarder and he ended up winning, I would be paid $300, less $30 for the bookmaker fee, for a total payback of $270 and a $170 profit.

Ah, ok, that makes more sense. 3-1 odds for snoboarder, 33%..

(the odds are really profitable for the bookie, though... add up to waaay waaayyyyy more than 100%)

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So how have the predictions turned out so far? this was a great read. If this league is still goin on, put me down for 1$ for beavers and throw in some swedish kronas that I couldn't convert back into US dollars from my Europe trip. 50,000/1? talk about value! In order to get something, you have to give up something!

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Everyone else got in except me. =P Guess that's what happens when you're the new guy.

Even so, I'd say my odds would have been rather low.

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Kgman: +800—the best playoff performer ever, the question is, how interested will he be in the regular season? And why get rid of Gartner to obtain the guy with the most inaccurate shot in nhl94, Modano? Not sure what’s up his sleeve this year, but a disappointing finish against Ice in the playoffs last season might have rekindled that championship fever. Not good news for the rest of the league.

Kgman + 800 are you insane i would put 100 dollars in a nanosec. funny Ice and Swos have been rated higher than but in preseason testing Kgman has destroyed both losin a combined 2 games out of 14. A little disapointed with my write up (kg bias!) but other than that you have my vote for best write up of the year quite the journalistic feat. I would hope you have more of these up your sleeve along with specific awards named after coaches. IE AJ Richard trophy for most goals in reg season. OR KG Hart trophy for best playoff performer which could go to finalist as well if they had tougher raod to finals and weaker team! .....GO JETS GO!!

On a cold, snowy day way way back in February, this man felt disrespected and was fuming behind his computer. Several months later after all the dust, anger, and ice has settled, he's back in the finals again and trying for a dynasty, but it won't be easy against a stingy TB team. Congrats to you and jrod for drafting these teams--it should be a great defensive war.

I've been getting requests for GDL7 odds, and they should be back once drafting is complete.

How bout some awards for GDL 6?

Best team: NYR--Sakic, Gartner, Damphousse, Leetch, Essensa... Maybe the greatest team ever assembled?-it's too bad this team never sniffed the playoffs

Coach of the year: Boknows94--I had Philly at +4000 and a poor supporting cast surrounding Gilmour. He managed to squeak out a 2 seed in his conference so, that's getting it done. This pick is up for debate, lots of solid choices out there

Best all around coach--Statistically it's Icestorm, he's the only coach in the top 5 in both offense and defense. 5th in offense and 3rd in defense

MVP: Mark Recchi. Honorable mention to Patrick Roy

Biggest Overachiever: Dale Hawerchuck--82 goals and 47 assists Who would have thought this??!!

Feel free to add your picks, awards, and thoughts about the season. Peace and see u in gdl7

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