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  1. LW Yzerman C Mogilny RW Gartner/Klima/Bure/JR or possibly Esa Bourque/Stevens/Chelios/Suter with Housley on D, or no Housley, and any 2 of the first 4. G Belfour If it’s static Rom I’m going LW Mogilny C Klima RW Yzerman.
  2. Just take Connor McDavid from VHL rom, and you have a perfect player in any rom classic, or WBF.
  3. Can’t you already do saucer passes by holding down the b button, or pass button on your set up, and pressing up/down directional button depending on which direction your team is skating that particular period. I know the goalies can do it, I myself don’t really know how to do them that great, but I do know many can as I get burned by these saucer outlet passes for breakaways by the goalie all the time. Also when you have a good deal of speed, and/or a great deal of stick whip you can execute pass shots top corner over the goalies shoulder I’ve done them on rare occasions, and been the victim of them plenty of times.
  4. This, we have been begging for a better way to do this for years, now that something is possibly here, and will require a lot of patience for most not super cpu literate, Please be patient, learn just a little at a time if necessary to keep the frustration levels down if you get frustrated easy until you can navigate properly frustration free. This is the first possible realistic replacement to kaillera and hamachi while it’s not 100% proven yet we do owe it to ourselves to go the full mile to find out if it is what we been looking for all these years!
  5. I’m not 100% sure, but I believe the aggr attribute is what determines how often a player shoots, or passes the higher the number the more they tend to shoot, the lower the number the more they will pass when controlled by CPU AI. I could be wrong, but I think I recall this being discussed before.
  6. Also noticed the game play is much smoother, BUT even thou it stays smooth there are games you feel like your playing delayed based on your play even thou the game is not showing this like it would if you were say playing someone over seas with the noticeable lag which you eventually have to adjust your timing to, or decide not to play, by the time you figure out your delayed in retroarch it’s hard to adjust to the delay because your not seeing it while you play, but your movements while the game is playing smooth aren’t getting to where you think you should be going at the right time so it kind of feels like your playing a game when the AI of 94 predetermined your players are going to play super retard mode, but it’s not because of that it’s because of the delay. *These are my thoughts from a handful of games first night using it so they could be way off base, subject to change, or most likely reason for these thoughts is because I’m the super retard. All in all for not having a clue how to set this up, and having @chaos hold my hand every step of the way, and playing games vs chaos who is knowledgeable on how to navigate all the negative issues that can come up it was really cool to be able to just pick up a game after a desynch exactly where we left off, that was the biggest positive for me, doing away with desynchs that cause you to loose the exact game you were playing, no need for restarting and waiting till the clock and score were correct to play, and if you were really into it using the game stitcher program to make sure stats were correct, but more importantly momentum, hot, and cold, possible injured players out for game, or period not changed, and once familiar with the reconnect process no delay to get right back to playing that same exact game. HUGE positive! The biggest issue for some is going to be can they adjust to the lag that occurs, BUT because retroarch smoothes that out you don’t see the lag in the actual play of the game, but like Aqua stated you can feel something even thou your not seeing it. This is going to differ from person to person, old gens net play will show you why you got jacked up during laggy connections, or a lag spike where retroarch you will feel like something laggy happened, but visually you don’t see it, all you see is you looking real bad, or your opponent looking real good depending on your point of view. Again this is all in its infancy, and I could be wrong on my thoughts, and/or these issues could possibly be easily fixed inside the retroarch program once some guys get real comfortable, and familiar with the program, give it a shot, and form your own opinion, and hopefully if you do give it a shot try to play with someone who is comfortable with the retroarch program because as I learned last night 2 guys who were fumbling around with it on the fly can cause for a real poor experience (and it was only a poor experience because both of us were using it for the first time essentially), and I wouldn’t want you to make your decision on this program with that kind of experience it’s not fair to you, or the program.
  7. Lupz27

    Summer week 2 award leaders

    Just a thought on the awards, maybe have a separate category for some of these like Goals per game, Checks per game, points per game, winning %, defenseman goals, and points per game to name a few, but have a minimum number of games played to qualify say maybe the 56% mark which is 90 games played, and games against at least 10 different coaches/teams. Again just a idea for those who will not get anywhere near 160 games played, but will play enough to be considered fairly active.
  8. Lupz27

    Summer League Availability

    Next 2 nights after 10 PM eastern, June 14th-20th after 10 PM eastern possibly earlier, July 12th-18th same times, August 9th-15th same times.
  9. Any hope for being able to play 2v2 with 4 players on Retroarch?
  10. They have the date wrong in the post, it should say Friday the 22nd as the link says Friday.
  11. I think @kingraph and @chaos are about an hour away with no traffic. But that Friday afternoon summer traffic is a b***h. I’m about 2:00-2:15 away I’d have to leave around 11 AM to avoid it not being a 4 hour trip. Hmmmmm I am off that weekend if some of the other NY buds make that trip maybe I will also.
  12. Lupz27

    Summer Draft League I - Lines

    Rangers LD Coffey RD Stevens LW Gretzky C Gartner RW Jagr X Dineen G Soderstrom Line 2 LD Schneider RD Schneider LW Jagr C Gretzky RW Verbeek X Dineen
  13. Lupz27

    Summer League Trades

  14. Lupz27

    Summer League Trades

    Lupz trades Suter and Zhamnov to @MikeGartner22 for Gretzky and M Schneider.
  15. Lupz27

    Summer League Trades

    Lupz trades 3.11 and 5.11 to Chaos for 3.6 and 6.11
  16. Lupz27

    Summer League Trades

    Lupz trades 2nd 6th 7th to Brutus for 3rd, 4th, 5th.
  17. Lupz27

    Summer League Trades

  18. Lupz27

    Genesis Summer Draft League

    Sign me up, won’t be very active next 5-6 weeks to play, but can do a draft, and can most definitely find time to play 20 games minimum during the week I can play in May, and sure I’ll get the itch to play after a break like usual. Rangers if available.
  19. Lupz27


    I’m not 100% sure I can do this, I’m gonna be MIA besides maybe 2 to 3 days from April 22nd-May 13th in terms of being able to play games.
  20. Lupz27

    Affordable Sega Genesis HDMI Console?

    If you zoom in on the picture on the box of the console it looks like it is OEM controller compatible!
  21. Lupz27

    Affordable Sega Genesis HDMI Console?

    Maybe on day someone will release one of these with an Ethernet port, and WiFi capabilities that can hook up to a retro gaming network so we could play online h2h.
  22. Lupz27

    NHL eSports Article

    If I could buy EA sports, or whatever company owns EA first thing I’d do is release the original 94 game with zero changes except online h2h on whatever platform that would allow it.
  23. Lupz27

    Affordable Sega Genesis HDMI Console?

    When can I order one of these? Only see the non HD version on the website.
  24. Lupz27

    Plablegs III Lineups

    Edited to reflect my trade.
  25. Lupz27

    Plablegs III Trade & Trade Block Thread

    Lupz trades Yzerman to Chaos for JR.