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  1. Plablegs II Lineups

    New York Rangers LW Messier #11 C Klima #85 RW R Courtnall #26 LD Kasatanov #7 RD Stevens #4 X Kamensky #31 G Fuhr #31 Line 2 LW R Courtnall#26 C R Courtnall #26 RW Kamensky #31 LD Lumme #21 RD Lumme #21 X Klima #85 Thanks @CoachMac for taking the effort on the rom!
  2. Plablegs II Trade & TRADE BLOCK!!!

    Deals Available Grant Fuhr- If your goalie situation is just not good enough for you to compete he is available, after the boost the goalies get he is a 91 overall and has the same agility as Roy and same stick rating as Roy on his glove, and stick hands he uses. Russ Courtnall- Need Speed look no further, has the elite 6 Speed that is so very rare. Mark Messier- If you like a beast fat checker with elite playmaking skills 5 Pass, 5 Stick, 5 Agility 5 checking he is your guy. Valeri Kamensky- Need an elite shooter to put at Center Kamensky is your guy has 5 shot power 3 SA same as Gartner, and with static rom it’s never cold so it’s always dangerous. Alexi Kasatanov- Extremely underrated heavy weight dman with some serious checking skills especially if your a big time CB checker, or like a guy who when controlled by the CPU AI wrecks havoc checking he is your guy, remember no penalties in this rom check away! Like Brutus said above Co Captains, Stevens, and Klima are more then confident this group can gel, and be a force, and are the leaders on this team that are not part of some sort of rebuild fire sale (though for the right price both know they are far from safe, but it would need to be blockbuster type s**t to be moved). PM me on the forums, or hmu on Discord any time, don’t be shy to send any offer.
  3. Plablegs II Trade & TRADE BLOCK!!!

    Lupz27 trades 2.3 and 4.16 for 2.8, and 4.5 to JMJ. *CONFIRMED by JMJ*
  4. Plablegs Questionaire

    Yeah that would be the strategy of the option I believe, the CPU draft rankings would be revealed before draft so you would be able to gauge who would get picked by the CPU at the end of each round making you have tougher decisions maybe selecting someone 1 round earlier then you would like knowing he wouldn’t make it past the CPU teams thou you think he wouldn’t get drafted by the human drafters.
  5. 2v2 based Idea for side league

    I’d be down
  6. Plablegs 2

  7. Ex wife & wife thread

    See this is where those 8 year marriages go wrong, this should be a slow week in your 18-25 years! Then by the time your 30, and married you see another attractive young lady, and it’s meh been there don that scene I’m good.
  8. Premium Retro League 3

    Since Ice did not show to play the games shouldn't the playoff seeding be based off Winning % not points? This would move Raph from #4 seed to #1 seed, and everyone else would drop down 1 seed.
  9. Pass Shots and CB Checking: The Truth

    I think the issue with you, and knowing CB check, AND nobody else aware of it, and you not telling people (which I'm torn on whether you should be crucified for not sharing it, on one hand f**k everyone else it's in the game not my problem they can't figure it out, but on the other hand it's better for the community to know about all the joys this game has to offer, back then it was like Wild West, and plenty of top players, and no need for begging people to play so I lean towards f**k them I figured it out, and used something that's in the game to win didn't cheat, but now the community is different, and to keep it alive it needs to be more welcoming, and about the game then The Who's Dick is bigger then Who's all the time) was with Blitz 9, AND GDL 11, Fall Classic 14, and GDL 12 were the first time people knew about CB check after you revealed it, and Blitz 10 was the first time it was hacked out of the rom after you won Blitz 9 with a team which had nobody heavier then 7 weight in Klima, and a defense of Sweeney, and Leetch. By Blitz 10, and GDL 13 your talent level was so much better then it was in Blitz 9, and GDL 11 that CB check did not matter anymore for you to be successful, but I'd argue prior to that it was key. So your basically selling that it was just found out one day before GDL 11 is you telling stories, and selling them as facts, only you knew in GDL 11, it was GDL 12 where everyone knew, and GDL 13 where it was a HUGE difference maker league wide. But again back in those days I don't see how it should be a knock on your success it was a different era around here then, and like I said it's not like you hacked it in the game yourself it's in the game you just figured it out. And I'd also argue after it becoming public knowledge only one other person was capable of competing vs you in Raph anyways. With you retired, and Raph coasting with no competition who play online it doesn't really matter anymore.
  10. The story would still end the same Rangers sweeping the 1st round (just this time vs Florida instead of the Islanders), and go on to win Lord Stanley!
  11. Online Etiquette Guide

    I just picked up on this over the last year from playing 2v2, I'm not a fan of the pause after a goal unless calling time out, goalie change, or necessity because line change after a penalty leads to a PP goal, BUT that's just in league play, in exis with guys I'm comfortable playing with (have exied a lot, and it's more for fun, and practice then actual competition thou f**k you I want to win every single game) I could care less, and enjoy pausing checking out replays of awesome goals for, and against, and funny stupid s**t like slappers off defenders dome piece that saves a goal, or like last night nailing a one timer to only see the goal credited to someone else, and had to replay why the f**k he got credit to find out he was behind the net, and touched the puck through the back of the net after it went in giving him credit for the goal, stuff like that during exis. Real games I will make comments about over Discord chat during, or mostly after game.
  12. Plablegs DEUX

    We need to get this thing scheduled, Classic is humming along, PRL season 3 is probably well over 50% complete, and the season isn't even posted on the site yet, VHL is probably more then 20% complete, and the season hasn't even officially started yet. I'd say a December 1st draft start would be perfect, week to 2 week long draft IF that's what guys want (I'd prefer a day, or 2, but I'm one of a small few that are crazy for this s**t), trade deadline New Year's Eve if draft drags to the full 2 week, December 23rd if it only goes 1 week, and a official season start of January 1st this would give Classic, and VHL plenty of time to have playoffs completed, or close to completion, and probably be finished with PRL Season 4 before then, and maybe take a month hiatus from PRL leagues with maybe @CoachMac coming up with an 80's rom to draft from (if he is interested in putting in that kind of work would completely understand if he did not want to), and maybe do a 6 team lottery for teams to add to the draft pool with the 80's rom, and if you have a keeper from one of those teams selected in that lottery he is no longer keeper eligible for you that season to throw a little wrinkle in the PRL format (this should probably be posted in PRL league thread somewhere not here sorry). I think if we recruit some of the VHL newbs, and Classic newbs we can more then fill this league with at least 16 teams if promoted more after Thanksgiving when some of those guys see those seasons are almost done. What do you think @Brutus ?
  13. All time great teams hack---has it been done?

    Can you just make a Rom with the Oilers in it, and start a league, and I'll take them please, McDavid, Messier, Gretzky, Coffey, Lowe, Fuhr, Ranford, Klima, Kurri, Ryan Smith, Glenn Anderson, Esa Tikk, just to name a few!
  14. Plablegs DEUX

    Your in, Classic, and PRL 3 are gonna be wrapped up before Thanksgiving. And @IceStorm70 sign your ass up, @ZEPPELIN198, and @flatcrusher come sign up!
  15. Premium Retro League 3

    fixed to reflect updated standings!
  16. 2000 GOAL CLUB

    Nice! I'm on the verge of becoming only the 2nd person to give up 4000 goals scored, can't wait to join this prestigious club!
  17. 100 Wins

    I'm 4th in the playoff wins club! Only 25 more to go till 100!
  18. Premium Retro League 3

    St. Louis Blues LD Pilote #3 RD Pronovost #18 LW Modano #9 C Neely #8 RW Courtnall #26 X Delveccio #10 G Cheveldae #32 Line 2 Sub On both RD, and LD Konroyd change # to 88 LW Courtnall C Modano RW Courtnall Hopefully this correct so Courtnall comes in for a penalty to either Neely or Modano and Modano plays C if Neely and someone else is in box on 5 on 3's, or Courtnall if both Neely and Modano are in the box.
  19. Premium Retro League 3

    3.8 Aqua takes Jeff Brown
  20. Premium Retro League 3

    3.5 Pierre Pilote
  21. Premium Retro League 3

    Blues would like to welcome back Cam Neely for a 2nd season.
  22. 2017 Fall Classic

    So we gonna try, and get this thing going before the calendar turns to winter? MOD EDIT: It is open for registration: Register for Fall Classic Here. To see if you are signed up: Waiting List Status Here.
  23. Premium Retro League 3

    Blues are back and looking to bring home Brett!
  24. VHL5 Line Combos

    Rangers Lw Gaudreau C Kane Rw Kessel LD Lindholm RD Suter G Schneider X Arvidsson Line 2 LW Kessel C Kessel RW Arvidsson LD Slavin RD Slavin
  25. VHL5 Draft

    10.9 Rick Nash