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    While making my old roms, I discovered Dino must have friends at EA as he was not a 5/4 skater, but he is a Coach kind of guy! At 5'10", 180 pounds, Ciccarelli looks chunky out on the ice, an image enhanced by his hopping, staccato stride. He says that end-to-end he's among the slowest skaters on the team. "But put a loose puck in front of the net," he adds, "and my money's on me." He cannot explain his goal-scoring talent but gives two clues, one of which is his stick. While the blade of a normal NHL stick has a slight loft, Ciccarelli's looks like a nine-iron. This gives his shots exaggerated lift, which helps him hit high corners even from in close. Second, between shifts he seldom follows the play. He keeps his eyes locked on the goalie. "A lot of the time I'll be in sort of a daze, watching him, thinking how he bothers me so much," he says. "I can't stand missing a scoring chance. It haunts me and makes me stare even harder at the goalie." Dino Ciccarelli was a gritty goal scorer who scored most of his goals from fairly close in. He was effective despite his lack of size, often absorbing hits and cross checks while stationing himself near the opponent's goal. In addition to his lack of size, Ciccarelli was never a great skater, and his lack of foot speed would have an adverse effect on his ability to play in this era as compared to the 1980's and 90s I also demand that he be allowed to wear #20 just to screw with Raph's mind.
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    *1994 CCM Brian Leetch Home Jersey with Stanley Cup Patches (my fav all time player) *Henrik Lundqvist Reebok Home Jersey (circa 2010 I believe) *Ryan McDonagh Reebok Home Jersey (circa 2014 I believe) *Charlestown Chiefs Jersey (no player). Never ceases to amaze me that whenever I wear it to any hockey game, someone comes over and yells out "Hey Hanarhan" or imitates the Denis Lemieux interview. Had a 90s CCM Messier jersey but ripped it and it is no more. Would like to get some jerseys from the late 80s/early 90s. Maybe one day...
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    Sorta apropos that your 666th post is this one... pure evil to remind Leafs fans of their curse. LOL The seconds looks like a phone number!
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    Yep, but that's after the initial hack is in place. The classic/default game counts all checks.
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    Nice, another New Englander!
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    This looks like a nice rom!
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    That's really weird! By the way, can't wait to see your research results!
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    You're Welcome. The player is extremely limited. I never found a way to skip ahead or rewind during playback. You just press play and gotta rewatch the whole damn thing. But!! To pause/unpause you hit ESCAPE. You will need whatever ROM was used when you generated the recordings. Technically ".krec" files aren't video files, they are just timestamps of all the button presses that occurred. These get sewn together with the ROM to re-enact the games. This makes for super-small krec. files, since so little data needs to be saved.