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  1. just trying to help: #5 Minnesota is Neil Wilkinson, not Ramage #10 Vancouver is Geoff Courtnall, not Bure #7 St.Louis is Dan Quinn, not Emerson #12 New York is Kris King and #19 is Brian Mullen #12 Boston is Randy Burridge #12 Calgary is Paul Fenton #12 Edmonton is Adam Graves #12 Hartford is Dean Evason and #17 is Todd Krygier #19 Chicago is Troy Murray #11 New Jersey is Brendan Shanahan
  2. I like the lack of names for this mod. It’s perfect because (1) we aren’t dealing with an NHL team with real people (2) the teams have a hive mind kind of rating system - each team has a strength that goes across all individuals. It’s cool. This beer league concept is fun because it’s low-level hockey (yes, very few fans 🙂)! I’d love to see it in ‘94 (no names, or we enter our own buddies). Even more garage-league would be roller hockey (maybe even ball hockey), 4-on-4, and fake teams from the local neighborhood. There is something also very perfect about the golden, bubbly beer, the keg/cases, and the bottle caps.
  3. Well, I like the original look, and I'm used to working with the uniforms in NOSE; I guess I'm not familiar with any other options. I will say that I always liked the idea of brown goalie pads or anything else that would make it look more 80's and less 90's. (I like everything 80's, except the turn from the fiberglass goalie mask to the birdcage mask that happened during the 80's.) Having said all that, the original sprites are good.
  4. Yeah, I'm thinking about making an 80s ROM, so I like your 2nd suggestion. However, I have never done anything with sprites. Most tutorials begin with what people consider step #1, but they underestimate my ignorance - I've had trouble even opening Tile Molestor and I don't even know how to get to the "locations" in Hex editors that people often discuss and screenshot. I've spent many, many (many) hours with NOSE, so I don't mind putting in the time tinkering and learning, but I'm starting a level 0 when most people assume I'm ready for level 1. Can you start me with how to find, download, and open your suggested sprite editor and hex editor? Once I open a ROM in these, I can start figuring things out, I think. I've seen many crazy things you've done with graphics - I'd be thrilled to do my own stick tape (and eventually logos and banners). Thank you, Matt
  5. Could someone tell me how to add the stick tape to any given ROM? Thanks!
  6. Is there a version of NHLPA any where on this site that has center ice logos other than the EASN?
  7. Matt55

    2023 USHL

    It's a cool alternative league. I've been using FloSports to follow the ECHL, and this mod may get me into following the USHL. Thank you!
  8. The background kicks a**! Thank you for bring new life back to an old classic - great work!
  9. Oh - Richer and Corson are flip flopped.
  10. Just to help, NOT complaining: Rangers playercard pictures are swapped around. The changes do make it feel like a new game - excellent work! I love hockey history!
  11. Uh...wow! I’m very excited to check it out. Thanks!!!
  12. So many cool visual tweaks - I didn’t know so much is possible. I’m excited to try it - thank you!
  13. Or even just the central division
  14. 2022-23 ECHL with current rosters as an NHL ‘94 mod.
  15. Matt55


    Does anyone know of an ECHL mod of 94?
  16. Not dumb. Wildly creative. Maybe a bit crazy. I’m excited to check it out. Thanks for sharing!
  17. Sorry, I don’t know that. I wish I could help!
  18. Does anyone know of a mod with generic team banners (i.e. “Blue Team,” etc.) or fictional types of teams? I’m looking for something that I can add in my real-life beer league using only my knowledge of NOSE. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!
  19. Someone else made a version of NHL 89 as a 94 mod. I made adjustments to all the things that NOSE allows me to tweak. However, I always wanted player cards with images from 1989 and a splash screen of Lemieux, Gretzky, or both.
  20. Does anyone know of a Genesis remake that works with the Everdrive cartridge?
  21. Yes, that worked. I’m not sure what I was doing wrong. Thank you!
  22. I took a rom with the weight bug fix and ran it through Smozrom to remove the fix, but the light guys still don’t seem to knock down the heavy guys the way I expected. Any advice? Thanks
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