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  1. obsolete not absolute... my bad on typing the incorrect word... but you more than knew what I meant!
  2. Load the rom in gens. with the rink/center logo in screen, select CPU > Debug > Genesis VDP. Scroll down the VDP pattern by using the [ + ] on the numpad until you find your logo tiles. Press the numpad [ * ] key to cycle the loaded palettes. You should only need to press it twice to get to the 3rd palette, being the home team strip colors. Are the tiles showing their their correct colors now? Which palette is being used to match what you are seeing? I'm guessing the second (second half of the rink palette used for the crowd etc.). Note, to cycle back to the 1st VDP palette (after the fourth), you'll need to hit the [ * ] 11 times. Which exact roms of swos's did you use originally?
  3. Well considerings its Kaillera that adds the netplay layer to Gens, I found it a tad amusing you called Gens absolute. Why don't you your share proclaimed networking sk1llzors and assist others here rather than sitting back and having a chuckle at our apparent n00bness... potential suggestions could earn you so much respect here you can could even change your handle to "The Cisco Kid".
  4. Do you mean like... http://nhl94.com/forum/lofiversion/
  5. Make sure you specify the byte order as Motorola when you import the 16 colors from the decimal offset in TM's Palette Import dialog. Also, save the rom in NOSE, lookup the decimal offset of the teams home strip and then immediately load that in TM to see if it appears as expected. Just incase changed rosters has changed the offset since you last saved....???? If you are still stuck, attach the logo you are trying to add just for curiosities sake. PS. Clockwise, no probs with using swos's recent NHL07 rom as it too is now based on the 30 team rom template.
  6. congrats on your dedicated effort in producing this awesome rom!... hopefully theres a few more within you! yes... please share the knowledge to those who may ask in posts etc... it'll only help the hacking community grow more... and allow me to quietly slip away!
  7. Huh... and just how educated are you in networking to apparently make this thread so hilarious? Guessing you are zbattle certified?
  8. On the local router... setup up a reserved IP (via the DHCP service) by specifying the mac/hardware address of the network card in the PC you want to redirect the traffic to. This takes care of setting up a static IP. Port forward to the defined IP and your done. Nothing too it, even the non technical could manage if they learned to RTFM. Dyndns is just a way to give you external IP address to the world (of your router) a nice domain name vs entering the numbers. As for Hamachi, yeah, nice and easy... but I would I allow people to connect to me which effectively opens up my local network to their PC..... ummm no thanks!
  9. Hey Scribe, why don't you look into and report back (in detail) on the setup of Dynamic DNS services like dyndns.org or no-ip.com that allow you create you own dns alias (e.g. wboy-nhl94.redirectme.net - redirectme.net is offered by no-ip.com). Most routers support these services natively, though if not the providers have free software that does the job for you. Then when you need to enter the opponents IP, you just enter their dns entry instead. It might not please your most dedicated zsnes zbattle fanboys in terms of simplicity, but its not a bad compromise. Yes it even works for those with static ips.
  10. wboy

    Open With

    Command() returns a string containing all parameters. May add the option/ability for v1.3 if that ever surfaces.
  11. You do know NOSE supports 98 and when you switch to 'attributes text' - press [F3] after you've loaded your rom - you'll see these exact rating scales show in the player lists as mention in the post.
  12. Yes, the NTSC/PAL output encoder chips/circuitry would effectively be hardware stretching the image. The reason for its use.... limited tile numbers available in the VDP graphics memory of the Genesis. Remember in-game all rink tiles, active animations (player and crowd), center ice logo's etc. are loaded at the same time. Even though they are only storing the optimized tile set (1 of each where possible), such size limitations with the active graphics memory is what most likely forced them to use 256x224.
  13. The easy way is to use the 96 rom as it doesn't have the rule defined. ... other than that, you'd have to work out the asm hack to disable it in 98. I tried that some while back for mack but don't think I was anywhere close to working it out.
  14. yeah, the data just lives in a different spot.... and the different amount of teams make its a little different/harder too look for. Have a go yourself if you like. Come back and beg if your require me to find them again for you!
  15. the genesis's hardware supports two resolutions... 320x224... used by the opening two menu screens and others in 94... and 256x224, used by the title screen and rink in 94. Gens in full screen mode runs at 640x480, but by default does not stretch the image.. only doubles the zoom as such. Kega on the other hand stretches it.... thus mimicking its appearance on a TV. Gens does support stretching as well IIRC. Check the menus.
  16. You can't delete as such, only limit the amount of teams available for selection on the menu. See here: http://nhl94.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=2935
  17. As per the reference "02. 2nd Splash Screen - NHL Stanley Cup.png" simply change palette 1,3 & 4 to all be the same. Yes this limits you to 16 colors but dithering your graphic in a graphics app with the best RGB colors (as per the Genesis's restrictions - as reflected in NOSE) you can still get a decent looking result. Every tile (8x8 pixels) can only ever refer to one palette of 16. Using two palettes is technically possible even with these palette per tile limit, but trust me you don't want to go there!
  18. pretty sure I retained the template player cards in their original offsets as per the notes in the tutorial. Thing is, they'll never be reference as such as each possible player has his own allocated card... though that can be changed easily enough.
  19. Depending on what you are trying to do exactly, it could start getting ugly from here. If all you want to do is restore the old rink, it's probably best you leave it to last and I'll do it for you... trust me, there are too many dependencies you don't know about, and I'm not going to be able to post it all as its just too much (time consuming wise) to describe/educate someone about over the forums.
  20. There is a slightly easier/better way. Within your router go to your DHCP settings (the service that allocates out the IPs) and create a reserved/permanent entry for your PC. This is done by specifying the Physical Address (aka MAC Address) of your network card (NIC) as seen when you do an 'ipconfig /all' (as shown in the tut you posted). This means that whenever your IP expires and requests another, it'll alway guarantees you get the same IP... that being the same IP that you use configure your port forwards etc... This mean you can keep your OS network settings to dynamic and you don't have to worry about knowing/entering your DNS settings manually... which even your provider can occasionally change on you without letting you know.
  21. Did you follow the instructions with the readme.txt..? especially the bit where you need to extract the cab file you download, and right click the .inf file to install.
  22. long, tedious and very meticulous... hmmmm.... didn't notice that at all! Its because the mix on the of colors offered within the palette wouldn't suffice for all team logos.... and 12 or so colors within the home strip of a team would probably match their logo colors a lot better when dithered. You can change it if want.... and make it use the loaded palette of your choice (rink pal or banner/stands pal). Not too hard if interested. Personally though I wouldn't do unless you wanted one logo for all teams etc. Shared NHL logo. Rink offsets are the same as the original rom. Swos did a tut on it some time ago now. May try post some goodies later if I can find them that may help. No go... there is too many loaded graphic tiles chewing up the available VDP memory (banners, selected team logos, menu, player cards and text tiles etc) which doesn't allow you to store that image uncompressed (no shared tiles) as I did with the other images. Would of done it other wise.
  23. http://kaillera.com/faq.php In the ideal world, the kaillera server should be located on a server roughly in between the contesting players. P2P netplay has it advantages, as does Kaillera in other ways. Having the option of either is better than no netplay at all.
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