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  1. 11.4 NSH selects David Backes
  2. 9.4 NSH - Scamy89 selects Ryan Kesler
  3. 7.4 NSH (take two) selects John Klingberg
  4. 7.4 NSH selects Cam Fowler
  5. 2.4 NSH - Scamy89 selects Jack Eichel
  6. 1.4 NSH - Scamy89 selects Erik Karlsson
  7. Thank you! I just got the update files in. Great job!
  8. I'm interested to know... did anyone get in touch with the GGPO guy? Would be worthwhile to get in touch and see how far he got in his genesis emulation and what kind of quote he would give to get us up and running using his platform.
  9. Thanks! This was a great write-up! I feel caught up.
  10. Hey guys! Brand new here. Grew up playing hockey in Buffalo in a hockey family. I live in Sunny California now, but nothing can take me away from the sport! My first video game ever was NHL 94, and the PC version of NHL 95 is still my all-time favorite game. I logged a lot of hours back in the day on the genisis, but I just put together a RetroPie and boy am I rusty. I'm pretty competitive by nature so if there are any guides it must-watch videos for someone trying to play a little a catch up, please point me in the right direction!
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