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  1. Great idea, homies How about a blacklist where the blacklisted member can have their request for league re-entry voted upon by existing coaches. Democracy at its finest!
  2. Soooooooooooooo, is it too early to call dibs on Jersey next season??:licking his chops:
  3. To masturbate WITH vegetables or FOR veg... NEVERMIND
  4. Dude, if using light-weight guys is cheating, then I've been a cheater all season using fluery.
  5. Big ups to Sebe, the Gens C cup winner. I threw damn near everything at him, but he took my Flames down Great series-3 one goal games including 2OTs It was an intense, well played series till the end Sebe you're a class act and helluva player Congrats
  6. Guilty as charged, Ice (but it's still fun) Not trying to offend anyone, boys and girls Just a figure of speech-guess I shoulda put up a disclaimer
  7. [mod: topic title changed to 'cheapest' because this isn't 90s high school anymore, but conversations preserved] Of course it depends on who you ask, but these were the four I could come up with. Any of these (pretty much) can be averted with decent goalie control and quick thinking. Your thoughts?
  8. ...a mobile defenseman that can take a shot without hitting the crowd... ...a goalie who can actually make saves and not score on himself...
  9. Hasek's ass is gone after this season- not just from buffalo, mind you, but I'm gonna make sure his ass is removed from the GAME ps-hatchers days are numbered as well
  10. It's come to this-the long road to the gens C season ends here: #1 Montreal(SEBE) vs. #3 Calgary(Jrodimus) Reg season record- Montreal 31-6-1-2(1st overall) Calgary 28-9-1-2(T 4th overall) Head to head- 4-4(TIE) Here's how they stack up: Offense As mentioned in the last analysis, Montreal's offense is deadly, leading the entire league in goals. Stephan Lebeau's line has performed consistently in the playoffs, scoring timely goals for the habs. The Flames scored well throughout the season, ending up 3rd in the league in scoring with 165 goals. Diminutive Theoren Fleury leads the rush, with a supporting cast that includes power forward Gary Roberts with Joe Niewendyk sharing RW duties with Robert Reichel. Advantage: Habs Defense The Canadiens dominated on the defensive side of things in the regular season as well, pacing the league with a stingy 88 goals against. The story has been a little different in the playoffs, however, as the Habs had trouble keeping the puck out of the net against a powerful Nordiques team last series. The Flames have a solid defense, giving up just over 2.5 goals a game in the regular season. Hard hitting Gary Suter keeps opponents in check along with Mr. Slapshot Al Macinnis. Advantage: Habs Goaltending Other than Ed Belfour(who missed the playoffs), Montreal has the best money goaltender in the league in Roy. He makes the big saves when it counts, evidenced by the Canadiens comeback from the brink of elimination last round. Roy's record in elimination games this post-season is 3-0. Mike Vernon has been a rock for the Flames this season. While he has a tendency to be shaky some games, he has stepped up his game in the playoffs. Advantage: Habs Coaching Sebe, coach of the Canadiens, knows how to stay calm behind the bench. When most coaches would've hit the panic button after falling down 3-1 in a playoff series, Sebe and his team dug in and played one game at a time to come back and win the series. He's an intelligent coach who can analyze his opponents' weaknesses mid-game and make adjustments. Jrodimus is definitely the "loose cannon" between these two coaches. Although a smart, well-equipped coach, his fiery style behind the bench pays dividends for his team as often as it hurts them. Advantage: Even Intangibles After finishing their seven-game war with the Nordique, the Canadiens know not to underestimate their opponent early on as it almost cost them a series. However, they have had quite a long layoff since winning their Conference final, beating the Nords almost two weeks ago. Rust may be an issue. After dispatching division rival Vancouver(who many predicted would be in the final) in six games, the Flames are definitely battle tested and running on all cylinders. Calgary is a streaky bunch-they can look either unbeatable or dreadful from game to game. Advantage: Flames What Montreal needs to do to win: Play their game. Find and exploit holes in the Calgary defense. Score a few quick goals early and frustrate the Flames. Game breaker: Roy What Calgary needs to do to win: Theoren Fleury needs to be everywhere-offense, defense even making a few saves if he has to. Shut down Montreal's passing lanes and not give them time and space to set up on offense. Game breaker: Fleury Prediction: This will be a hard fought series, but Montreal will be too much for the Flames. Habs in six.
  11. SSiG if you want to continue that streak just wait till Buff comes up on the sched
  12. It's over, Johnny Trades ended before the season started. Believe me, half my team would be playin in f**king medicine hat if trades were still allowed
  13. Look at it this way, hokk which vice has the stronger pull: NHL94 or booze?? I think we all know the answer
  14. Hey hockey lunatics, here's a quick series breakdown for the all Canadian Gens C final: #1 Montreal(SEBE) vs. #3 Quebec(Mylec Street God)Reg. season record- MON 31-6-1-2 QUE 28-11-1-0 Season series-MON wins 3-1 How they stack up: Offense The Habs posesses the league's best offense, lighting the lamp 185 times in a mere 38 games. Led by Stephan Lebeau, crafty vet Denis Savard and speedy winger Vinnie Damphousse, they caused many a headache for gens c goaltenders in the regular season. The Nordique can find the net as well as anyone, scoring 180 goals in the regular season, second only to division rival Montreal. The deadly 1-2 punch of Joe Sakic and Mats Sundin proved nearly unstoppable this season. Advantage: Even Defense The Canadiens shut opponents down from the start of the season to the end, allowing a league-low 88 goals(a miniscule 2.3 goals per game). With a deep and talented defensive corp, the Habs always have a go to guy if a starter is off his game. The Nords possess a highly skilled d-unit as well, allowing the forth-fewest goals with 105. Steve Duchesne and Co. can not only stifle their opponents rushes, but contribute on offense as well. Advantage: Montreal Goaltending What more can be said of Patrick Roy? If he is on his game he can shut his opponents down single-handedly. Quebec had better hope for a few "cold" games from this superstar goalie. In the Quebec nets, Ron Hextall is definately competant and comes up with timely saves- but he's no Roy. Advantage: Montreal Coaching Both coaches are extremely confident and prepared to go into this series after dismantling their respective opponents in the first round. Both are very solid in all technical and positional aspects of the game, so expect a series of chess matches throughout. Advantage: Even Intangibles After sweeping through Washington in the first round, the Canadiens may underestimate their highly skilled opponent at first. This could potentially be a huge mistake, as the Nordiques were one of the leagues hottest teams in the second half of the season. The Nords came off a much tougher first round series vs. the Penguins, and are already in full playoff mode. Advantage: Nordiques What Montreal needs to do to win: Try to find ways around Quebecs' great positional defensive play and make Hextall stop first,second and third shots. Patrick Roy must make the saves that goalies usually don't make. Game breaker: Roy What Quebec needs to do to win: Use their size against Montreal's smaller, skilled forwards and try anything to get Roy off his game. Game breaker: Sundin Prediction: Expect this one to go the distance. This will be an epic series. Nords in seven.
  15. Hold on a minute, pal Mr. Oates would like a word with you
  16. Good luck guys!! Should be epic-be sure to record those games!!
  17. Down for me. My away record is better than home
  18. or the obsessive fat chick who shows up at your job unannounced and follows you around town on your days off
  19. I'll bet a lot of us have mad wives at this point
  20. I'm gonna one-up hokkee by hitting the crack pipe and making a post
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