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  1. ummm,yeah I wasted about 3 hours of my life tryin to figure that s**t out
  2. That frikkin cop in the SUV in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit for PSX. I could be goin 200 mph in my Lambo with nothing but open straightaway, and that bastard would still catch up and run me off the road.
  3. I'll pass. I'd rather not have to look at essensa-he disgusts me.
  4. That would be Blinky, hated that bastard. Inky(blue one) was dumb, but always seemed to end up where Pac-man was heading.
  5. I can vouch for that. Hokk is a monster when he's sober-probably top five on site-No Bull
  6. Nothing quite like the sound of an NHL94 check in slow-mo
  7. hmm, that reminds me-as the loser to Sebe's Fall '07 team, I'd like a rematch of that Cgy/Mon final. That would be fun
  8. Lids is so good I don't even consider him a bench dude......Reichel.....is just retarded
  9. Maybe it's just my crazy style, but Leeman always finds a way to kick my ass
  10. Shockingly, my tally is 0. I have flung my controller across the room dozens of times, twisted it to the point of breaking, and punted it. Microsoft sidewinder is built like a tank. I've also punched my monitor countless times, luckily it's an old school CRT. My computer desk has also been punched, and my CPU kicked a few times. I think that's it
  11. 95 Devils were one of the best teams ever-just ask Bobby Orr
  12. I think that Pitt will crush everyone in "A" with their pop gun offense, average defense and Jrod's mediocre GC.
  13. Hey, don't you bash my 3x Stanley Cup Champion state , Mr. Buffalo "let's not sign any of our star players so we can surely suck next season" Sabres fan. Because Sunday is National beat up on Ice day
  14. Cottage? What are you, a f**king hobbit?
  15. LD=Lap dance TD=Table dance vech.bmp vechtab.bmp
  16. That vid woulda been soooo much better if she were naked. Btw-Kids in the Hall rocked!! "I weel crush your head like a grape!"
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