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  1. it was game over when i saw the refs: Referees: Bill Mccreary (CAN) , Daniel O'Halloran (CAN) Linesmen: Jean Morin (CAN) , Stefan Fonselius (FIN)
  2. Just because he has less points than Rasho Nesterovic doesn't mean he's "terrible."
  3. Zalex

    Quote: ''People that say mofapes are mofapes'' You said it so you are one of them.

  4. thanks everyone, and halifax for making this unexpected thread
  5. Well, I was expecting something done with the rom ... I have exams this week so ill drop out before everyone starts a riot
  6. those blues jerseys are cheesy i think the next mod should be with NHL 94 rosters
  7. DIRK SOUTHERN i saw that guy play once
  8. since no one picked them yet . . . NORWAY
  9. according to wikipedia: I'm guessing he's a free agent
  10. you serious they're basically the same item
  11. the league isnt a online netplay league, its a sim league. (i think) tantrix i would just sim the games just like the regular season
  12. btw nats1 you didnt even touch washington's roster at all i picked ridley btw
  13. ill join in da B but if its just gonna be me/tuba vs anybody/anybody im gonna quit but ill take my chances
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