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  1. it was game over when i saw the refs: Referees: Bill Mccreary (CAN) , Daniel O'Halloran (CAN) Linesmen: Jean Morin (CAN) , Stefan Fonselius (FIN)
  2. Just because he has less points than Rasho Nesterovic doesn't mean he's "terrible."
  3. thanks everyone, and halifax for making this unexpected thread
  4. Well, I was expecting something done with the rom ... I have exams this week so ill drop out before everyone starts a riot
  5. those blues jerseys are cheesy i think the next mod should be with NHL 94 rosters
  6. DIRK SOUTHERN i saw that guy play once
  7. since no one picked them yet . . . NORWAY
  8. according to wikipedia: I'm guessing he's a free agent
  9. you serious they're basically the same item
  10. the league isnt a online netplay league, its a sim league. (i think) tantrix i would just sim the games just like the regular season
  11. btw nats1 you didnt even touch washington's roster at all i picked ridley btw
  12. ill join in da B but if its just gonna be me/tuba vs anybody/anybody im gonna quit but ill take my chances
  13. equalized stats eh . . . I'll take Washington - Mike Ridley
  14. hope your Christmas is doing better than Tiger Woods' Christmas. "What's the difference between Santa and Tiger Woods? Santa stops at three ho's . . ." Have a great day everyone
  15. One minor error Cheveladae is still 32 (should be 29) but that can be switched quite easily EDIT: LOL why do i have riendeau i drafted roussel (a roster error also happened to me last season lol) read the edited times
  16. should've found this earlier . . . i've been in ottawa the past few days, going to the sens game tonight I'll try to be on tomorrow afternoon, and christmas eve sry for being a sore loser
  17. Le Nordiques de Quebec Scoring Line (Line 1) G - Tim Cheveldae 29 (go jets) LD - Don Sweeney 32 RD - Ray Bourque 77 LW - Mike Ricci 9 C - Robert Reichel 26 RW - Trevor Linden 16 X - Ron Francis Checking Line (Line 2) G - Dominic Roussel 33 LD - Vladdie KonstantINov 61 (16 switched) RD - Alexei Zhitnik 2 LW - Ron Francis 10 C - Joe Mullen 7 RW - Sergei Nemchinov 13 X - Trevor Linden
  18. awwww cmon I'm 11-4 against the East Division! *hoping for FF's and DNP's*
  19. on the subject of bribery; LETTER 1 Yo everyone who's running classic: CAN WE HAVE THE CROSSOVER RULE IN GENS B? LETTER 2 Dear Shaftman nationals1, dcicon5148, and kupuck19, Please, I beg of you, do not win any games with Detroit your teams in GENS C. Great rewards will come your way if you succeed on this mission. Yours truly, TubaHero IQ25Boogiers
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