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  1. I LOL'ed at your sig. XDDDD Ok, usually I'm up in the afternoon around 17:00-18:00 pm, so look me up.
  2. Ok, just so you can see what I'm talking about in Hamachi, I have the pics to show for it. This is Hamachi when it's open This pic is when it's connecting... ... and this is when it fails Does someone have the same problem as I do? What can I do to fix this?? EDIT: For the one guy who gave me the solutions link.... You win the internet!! What's the name of your network on Hamachi? I'm gonna join it now.
  3. Have you guys gotten started on that league? Do you use Gens?
  4. At any rate, has anyone had problems with connecting with Hamachi? The mediation servers just don't accept my login, even though I have a new account. What gives? What should we do?
  5. But there are some guys like me who can't get Hamachi to work because the mediating servers can't let you log in. It's not nice, and I don't like it. I played with metz a couple of games on Gens and it did okay. Maybe the ping and the connection wasn't so good? You should address such a problem in case players can't get into Hamachi.
  6. Hamachi doesn't let me log in. I can't seem to get it to accept my login request, so what do I do? I once played Melty Blood ReAct and it was fine. This baffles me.
  7. I'm a new guy here and I have heard about online leagues on a reply in YouTube so I thought I should drop in and play, since NHL 94 is a very fun game to play. I'm looking for some players I wanna play against, since I want to hone my skills for upcoming leagues and other future games. My AOL handle of so you can reach me anytime you want. Help this noob out and let's have fun. =D
  8. Mr_One_Timer


    I could go for that. Do we use the orignal NHL 94 rom or a mod one? Count me in, pls.
  9. I can try this one too. My AIM is Iceguy94, so add me for the league and your Buddy lists!
  10. Or fast games. I could go for one of those. Mind if I add either of you? I just gotten AIM, so we can get in touch quickly.
  11. I'm new, so I guess I should have a test game or something. o.o We should try to agree on a time; I'm available between 6:45 - 8:45 Pacific time, so just PM me or add me on AOL.
  12. Yeah, and find guys who want to play anytime!
  13. Hey there, just registered for league play. I use Gens most of the time, although I also use SNES. My connection is good and my ping is pretty decent too, so I might play some games. I'm just looking for some gamers who I can be able to play against and practice my skills. Who wants some? =D My AIM is Iceguy94
  14. In NHL 91-93 you could get into fights whenever you piss someone off, but in NHL 94 I've never fought anyone in all the games I have ever played! What gives? Anyone know how do we trigger fights? I want to get my hands dirty sometime! XD