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  1. Haha, how funny was it that Doughty got away with that interference hit along the half-boards?
  2. Taking away the trapezoid for Brodeur was like putting a kid in a candy store. Or Brodeur in a candy store. I think the turning point was that b.s. call on Perry. Wasn't even a hard slash, but rather a normal "hockey-play" stick check to break up a pass. Not his fault composite sticks are made of egg shells.
  3. I have emailed them a couple times plugging nhl94.com, because Wyshnyski mentions the game all the time, and I figured a feature on the website would be nice summer filler. He obviously never did. Now I know why.
  4. The game starts at 4:30 - when many people are still at work, commuting etc. - to accomodate Easterners. This was forwarded to me about a week ago, and is pretty hilarious if you have to suffer through him often. DRINK ONE IF PIERRE MENTIONS ANY OF THE FOLLOWING: * Dion Phaneuf * Mike Richards * Carey Price * Jonathen Toews * Monster * Whaaamo! * El-Kabong * Real Deal * Puck Poise * Big Body Presence * Active Stick * Calls a Player "Special" or "a fine young man" * Wow! * Tenacity DRINK TWO IF PIERRE: * Giggles at any point during the game * Pronounces a European club team using the European Pronunciation * Mentions people he met in Europe * Says "Team 'X' scouting staff did a great job finding this player" * Says something extremely gay (EX. Big Stick...SHOWERS....player with shirt off) * Goes nuts when a team has too many men * WJC host city is "beautiful" or "filled with great people" * If a stick breaks and Pierre rambles on about one-piece sticks * Says “welcome to the __player name__ show!” (Ex. Welcome to the Crosby Show) * Cuts off Gord Miller (Ex. WJC 2009 - Eberle ties the game) * If Pierre says "time and space" * If Pierre goes on about a players junior career * If Pierre says "it’s hammer time" * Says "sheer larceny" HAVE 3 GULPS OF YOUR DRINK IF PIERRE: * Mentions a Staal brother who isn't playing * Mentions a Sutter brother who isn't involved in the game * Says the game is a “classic” * Says "Team X should be so exicted about havng this guy. He is gonna be great for them down the road.” * If Pierre says "Roof Daddy" * If Pierre goes "That’s a Double-Dion" * Pierre uses his famous line "He suckin' dirty pond water" * "x" player is oozing with hockey sense." * Drink if Pierre uses 3 or more adjectives consecutively to describe a player or a team... e.g: "Size, athleticism, composure etc..." - extra drinks if he uses terms such as "big body presence" that are already on the chart as said adjectives. CHUG A BEER IF PIERRE: * Has an Orgasm at the mic (Ex. Dustin Tokarski save WJC 2009) * If Pierre ruins the moment/butchers the call (Ex. WJC 2009 Eberle ties the game with 5.5 seconds left.... Gord Miller: Can you believe it? Pierre: I can! * Says "That’s vintage X" (Ex. Thats Vintage Jake Allen)"
  5. Haha the games are at 4:30pm Pacific. Just when you thought Western Canada couldn't hate the East more... Another important question: Is Pierre McGuire going to be running his mouth on NBC or Canadian channels too (or, in the worst-case scenario that showed up last year in the playoffs, both networks)? P.S. is anyone going to play, or has anyone already played, the Pierre McGuire drinking game?
  6. More importantly, Elisha Cuthbert is packaged with the deal and comes to Toronto.
  7. Alright. I'll watch the Leafs lose to the Kings in the meantime.
  8. We've told each other when we are available. Logan, can we get this in tonight?
  9. Sadly, Pierre McGuire used to be an NHL coach, and the blowhard actually won a cup with the Penguins as an assistant. He also used to rock a BRUTAL combover, but that's another story.
  10. Time to add another two incidents to this post. This first f**k-up is particularily bad because it benefits Steve Ott. The NHL is really out to get Detroit this season. Moving on, for those of you new to hockey (i.e. NHL refs, apparently) you aren't allowed to throw your stick to stop a goal from being scored...until now!! As bad as this is, I think we are going to need a special IIHF post for the Olympics...
  11. Great series, indeed. Wags refused to die, and punished me for sitting back on leads. Fittingly, the series came down to one goal, where a fortunate puck bounce led to a 2-on-0 in OT. With J.R. streaking to the net it wasn't even fair. "It's not even so much me as it's Roenick; he's good." GGS
  12. At this point, it looks like it won't be done this weekend. I will be on again tomorrow night.
  13. The saddest part is that Pepsi hired a "professional fan" to try and lead the crowd into doing that stupid chant. http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/blog/puck_dadd...?urn=nhl,211135 Money well spent...retards. I hope this wasn't the same guy who got the crowd to do the wave during the preliminary rounds...
  14. Put me in for Canada. I'd like to play A, but I'm assuming I'm not good enough, so B. Please, nobody say "eh, oh, Canada, go."
  15. This Gary Roberts moment should never be forgotten. And for Tuba, Nationals, Smozoma, Logan (among others?), this one shouldn't be either
  16. Razzle Basil seems like an East of Adelaide kinda guy.
  17. Or you could get a tripping penalty (in spectacular fashion) Ã la Hasek. " target="_blank">
  18. If only Rogers could run the Blue Jays like they run my internet.
  19. My beer league (real hockey, not the new '94 league) team's goalie is out of town this weekend, so we need a goalie for our game. I recall from the "What are your NHL '94 ratings" post that there were some goalies in town, and I figured I might as well exhaust all my resources. Anyone feel like playing? It's not very competitive, but we are pretty crappy so you'll get a lot of action. Sunday, November 15th, 9:15pm Scarborough Ice Sports Arena - Steeles Ave & Markham Rd -ish (Map) More info: http://ashl-scarbor.stats.pointstreak.com/...p;seasonid=4341 Let me know
  20. Fun fact: The team in the video is the Markham Islanders, and the arena they're playing at is Thornhill Community Centre. I played for the Islanders out of that arena for 7 years. Good thing this was before my time...
  21. I felt "phlegmatic" toward the article, naturally. Somehow I doubt we could burn down the White House this time around.
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