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  1. no challenges for flasox since mid January next time I see you man I'm challenging
  2. yea I agree the habs WILL last 7 minutes hehe
  3. I can definetly see why Brian Burke went tried to go after them without permission these kids are amazing!
  4. hes always been a good guy to me at least so I support
  5. as far as im concerend I would putt Matt Duchene ahead of Tavares he has 2 more goals than him and, 7 more points (50 pts) hes also 3rd on the team for the avs, a team that will most likely make the playoffs
  6. no i dont my internets all fixed
  7. Sorry guys... im not feeling the magic with GDL this year I just don't have the time these days to play blitz classic and GDL im sorry for wasting part of the season not playing but I was reallly hoping to get in some more games thank you to swos and VC for running it this year and I hope to join up again in the future good luck and god speed to everyone else in the league I hope you all have a successfull year Cheers, Nationals1
  8. HAHAHAHA thats funny I wanna hear mavs side of this though like why did he upload a win??? and tuba i read that but i wasn't clear on the whole thing...
  9. holy s**t!!!! mav needs to f**king learn his lesson! mavs been a problem in EVERY league hes been in and uses the same antics! sorry for my language what was the problem anyway?
  10. whoever gets to play rynweinmer in the 1st rd might automatically get advandced because it seems hes not comming back which would be quite an advantage
  11. ive tried to PM rynweinmer a few times but no reply does anyone know where he is?
  12. I thought it was actually a quite fairly reffed game the amereicans on the forums might disagree but thats what i say
  13. I definetly agree FPB fighting would make these country rivalries like Canada vs USA or Canada vs Russia and even Finland vs Sweeden even more exciting than they already are!
  14. Hey rynweinmer I was just wondering when's a good time to play You havent been on very much lately and havent played a game in almost a month so Im getting worried that we'll never get these in please post availiblity times!
  15. I have bet against my home country of Canada in the WJC final and the olympic round robin game and I have been right both times I feel that I know owe it to Canada to bet for them: final score 5-2 Canada just like in Salt Lake
  16. hahahahaha... I don't know why but I laughed so hard when I first read this
  17. you have to remeber in Salt Lake Canada went 1-1-1 in pool play and came out on top i think the same thing happens here
  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7Mu8em_fkg...feature=related WHAM WHAM! KABAM KABAM! A DOUBLE KABAM! ITS A DOUBLE DION!
  19. my bad missed the thorton on the ice part i thought he was... by the way the likes of crosby nash iginla perry getzlaf and toews couldnt score on Yannik Weber so don't be dissen on Thorton when i say the sharks line have been playing well I dont mean that Thorton is playing so well hes not the whole sharks line even though I still think hes the guy that makes that line click and I also never said Thorton is clutch
  20. well thorton WAS on the ice when they scored and also their line scored both goals vs the swis that means the shark line in the two toughest games have 3 out of the 5 goals! I think just about all of us can agree with that Brian Burke is has been doing a great job so far keeping the US's underdog status
  21. I think the call on Crosby was indirectily BS crosby only highsticked Orpik because he was trying to get the puck with one hand on the stick because Orpik was holding his other arm botom line Pierre Mcguire wrecked the game... I threw my slipper at the T.V. when he was talking
  22. wasnt brodeur's fault i dont think they need to switch up the lines... it feels like for me the shark line is the only good one
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