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  1. Ah I get it now, thanks I could probably whip up something in excel for visualizing the tile/palette map... similar to the NHLPA93 SNES excel editor for the city name banners. This would be an interesting thing to get working Ditherer... (which will be renamed smozDither in the next version since there are a ton of github projects called Ditherer out there already). It'd have to split the input image up into tiles and then optimize several palettes at the same time... finding the optimal set of tiles to apply each palette to...
  2. I'm lost on the tile map/arrangement part! Can I request that a new dedicated thread be made in the "how to" section? https://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/forum/253-how-to-reference/
  3. Thanks! yes I'm curious about "laying out the tiles" I do recall the 3-palette intro screen! I had figured it was part of the game, not a customization. I have plans to upgrade the Ditherer program, and would like to include a multi-palette option.
  4. Oh interesting.. so it's not like 2 separate images with separate palettes? It's a single image pasted in, and somehow certain tiles are specified to have a different palette? Is there a guide on this somewhere on here?
  5. whoops I didn't see this So it's not possible since there aren't enough colours Would be neat if we could break up the splash screens into say 3 wide images with different palettes. Would make splash screens with the ice at the bottom, the players and boards in the middle, and the crowd at the top, look nicer.
  6. EDIT: See Raph's note. It's not possible even with Ditherer To get it 100% perfect, I think you can (or "need to") take a screenshot from Gens, then run it through my Ditherer option 3. Ditherer accounts for the different ways Gens and Tile Molester treat the 9-bit colour quantization. Note: RetroArch has its own behaviour that is different from Gens and TM... so to get it perfect, use Gens)
  7. The download and instructions are here: https://nhl94online.com/html/getting-started.php If you run into any problems (no sound is a common one), head over to the discord group chat and ask for help
  8. I'm a bit worried about the advice to start with the original ROM... the graphics aren't decompressed and the number of teams is limited, so they'll end up having to redo all their work if they start with just plain roster updates. This should be mentioned, since they'll need to make their choice of base ROM based on their goals.
  9. Something like this gets posted every year. Nothing ever happens, because the hardest part is starting. So I recommend that if you'd like this to happen, get something basic working, put it on github with some instructions for building and running the code, and then people will want to help.
  10. Hi can you clarify? "but it is not saving anything when I load the saved rom" Are you saying that when you load the ROM, the changes are not there? Can you verify that you aren't saving in a different location, and loading the original ROM? Also don't use "reset" in your emulator, since in some emulators that doesn't re-read the file, so changes won't be detected. You need to close the ROM and open it again.
  11. Nice trick to find the tiles, by inserting an identical tile in a known location then finding duplicate hex in the file
  12. v1.2 released. It adds support for the SNES palette (15-bit colours instead of 9-bit).
  13. A stumbling block on updating the later games is that the graphics aren't editable, so we can't update logos. We can do updates to 94 because some smart people 20 years ago converted the graphics in the game ROM to an editable format, and we've been "standing on the shoulders of giants" ever since.
  14. No idea, but long-gone forum member DaDonch made a season tracker for 94
  15. Hm no idea So when you press a button like Pass, it takes a while to respond?
  16. There's yer problem.. using Edge instead of downloading Firefox or Chrome instead (but actually I don't know why it wouldn't work in Edge, that's odd)
  17. I think the key is to press those plus and divide (I think it's supposed to be a minus/subtract) symbols at the end of the toolbar repeatedly, to shift your starting position and find the correct alignment
  18. I think you can report them as counterfeit but I don't know if ebay does anything about it.
  19. Hehe I meant more like instead of crowd animations of the kid banging on the glass, there are animations of fans fighting each other
  20. How close are we to fights in the stands? Also I'm now imagining animated splash/cover screens
  21. With Android, you can download .apk installers. So, often you can get any historical version of any app. Here is a link for android nhl2k 1.0.3. https://apkcombo.com/nhl-2k/com.t2ksports.nhl2k15/ If it has some kind of online server requirement it may no longer work. Or if something in the newer android operating systems breaks it.
  22. Yeah I'm not sure why he was so interested in rewriting the core engine... His influence from rod-/table-hockey maybe explains the player motion in 95 that I think most of us dislike (how they feel like they're rotating unnaturally around their front foot). I wish they'd continued with incremental improvements (e.g. he mentions upgrading the hit detection, which always impressed me... I assumed it was sprite-/pixel-based, but he says it's actually 3D-volume-based!). The fighting systems sounds epic, too bad they had to scrap it, and the tester in the doc basically says there are no existing copies of it today. Looks like Simmons is working on WWE 2K these days https://www.mobygames.com/person/389039/jim-simmons/
  23. Lots of interesting info in this that people have been talking about on Discord. (The live convo that discord allows is great, but it's kind of sad that it's so transient!)
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