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  1. Apparently GDL 02 semifinals took months to schedule.
  2. There was a lot more DRAMA back in GDL 3-4 days. BUMP!
  3. Omg, you're right. I don't even remember that. Or why nobody was in 15. I'm going to put together a more complete timeline.
  4. My point being that you, Frey, AJ, etc stopped by then, who I have as in my top tier
  5. Blitz history, my favorite league along with GDL at the time was the two "premier" leagues running. Blitz 01 - angryjay93 (def. thegr8199kings in 4) - Dec'08 Blitz 02 - Carse (def. angryjay93 in 5) - May'09 Blitz 03 - Freydey (def. Carse in 6) - Oct'09 Blitz 04 - Carse (def. jesusplaysnhl94 in 4) - Apr'10 Blitz 05 - swos (def. Zalex in 6) - Mar'11 Blitz 06 - Freydey (def. Carse in 6) - Feb'12 Blitz 07 - Freydey (def. kingraph in 5) - Nov'12 Blitz 08 - kingraph (def. IceStorm in 6) - Apr'14 Blitz 09 - Plabax (def. Freydey in 6) - Dec'14 Blitz 10 - Plabax (def. kingraph in 6) - Jul'15 Blitz 11 - Plabax (def. kingraph in 6) - Oct'15
  6. From my experience 1. Plabax / Freydey / AngryJay93 2. Carse / Uncle Seth / TomKabs / Swos 3. IceStorm / FPB / Zalex / KGMan 4. There a ton here, too many to name You have a lot of Classic, but here's GDL list ...see some familiar names in the finals? GDL 01 - TakeYourPill (def. angryjay93 in 6) - Feb'07GDL 02 - EricAnthony (def. kgman in 5) - Oct'07GDL 03 - kgman (def. angryjay93 in 7) - Mar'08GDL 04 - angryjay93 (def. IceStorm in ?) - Sep'08GDL 05 - swos (def.IceStorm in 5) - Jan'09GDL 06 - kgman (def. jrodimus in 4) - Jan'10GDL 07 - Carse (def. FlamingPavelBure in 7) - Jun'10GDL 08 - Freydey (def. Carse in 6) - Aug'11GDL 09 - TomKabs (def. Carse in 6) - Jan'13GDL 10 - swos - (def. IceStorm in 7) - Nov'13GDL 11 - Plabax - (def. Zalex in 6) - Jun'14GDL 12 - Freydey - (def. Plabax in 7) - Jun'15 GDL 13 - Plabax - (def. Zalex in 5) - Nov'15 GDL 14 - kingraph - (def. Plabax in 6) Mar'16 Plabax, Freydey, Zalex, swos, Carse, TomKabs...all retired by this point.
  7. This is a pretty simple task using the NOSE tool: https://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/14217-nose-12b-download/
  8. Blitz died many years ago, after season 11 in Oct'15. @Plabaxbeat me in 6 in the finals for a second year in a row: http://nhl94online.com/html/playoffs.php?lg=28 Since then there have been WBF style leagues. I agree with what @Edge of '94 Midwestsaid, hop on the Discord and see what's happening!
  9. I tried a few attempts and my best effort was something like 26 goals before I gave up a goal. And I wasn't close to the 100 goal pace. I think similar to a record run WITH goalie, my main issues were everything AJ says above. Scoring isn't a problem, it's the length of those CPU hot streaks or your brutal cold streaks. You just need a special game to get the record. I don't even think it's possible with Ottawa. I'd try a run with savestates if anything to see if it's feasible.
  10. You can choose which players show up on the player card menu. Read this post: Can you increase past 6?
  11. So I started to lay this idea out and I doubt I can accomplish this feat. Ottawa does have 25 players, which means you need to accumulate 250 points out of 300 possible, or average 2.5 points per goal. Scoring 100 goals alone is difficult enough, let alone making sure that on average every one of your goals has at least two assists tagged. I think about all the wonky passing I'd have to do, followed by executing a goal every 36 seconds for 60 minutes, I don't think I can do this. Also not letting one up! Players: 25 Points/Player: 10 Total Points: 250 Total Goals: 100 Points/Goal: 2.5 Total Points Avail: 300 Excess Points: 50 Total Minutes: 60 Total Seconds: 3600 Seconds/Goal: 36 Goals/Period: 33-34 I'll give it a shot to see how it goes, but this is a tall order!
  12. I am happy to help from a technical standpoint, but am just a fan when it comes to see the work you put into these ROMs! I don't have anything to add as far as ROM wants.
  13. To be clear, is it 10 pts per player exactly, or can they go over? Is it all players, or just 3 lines? I'll take a stab at this, sounds like it can easily get frustrating giving up a goal!
  14. Likely Twitch live streams, maybe later rounds will convert to YouTube.
  15. @Champ Weit, you should invest some time learning to play online, if you can. I, and a lot of others, are always looking for guys who think they are the best to play. You may very well be good, but it's usually a humbling experience playing against some of these top guys. I think if you can keep within 5 goals vs me, @Uncle Seth, @angryjay93, or any top player, that is a much greater challenge than scoring 100 goals vs the CPU. While I'm sure scoring with only goalies is a challenge, it doesn't sound particularly interesting or something I want to spend time on. Especially '93, as the atrocious auto goalies make it quite a snoozefest.
  16. Records are done in the 10 minute period setting, and it's biggest blowout (net difference between goals scored and given up). Records, and videos, can be found on the Twin Galaxies website. Documented list is here on the forums: https://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/12639-nhl94-world-record/&do=findComment&comment=180043 For NHL'94, the recent record is 104 (110-6). For NHLPA'93, it's 87.
  17. Is this what's needed in order to make NHLPA'93 fun? So to be clear, the challenge is to get a boatload of penalties so your entire team is in the box, then your goalies enter the ice as forwards? And then score with them?
  18. I believe the weight bug fix is included, let's see how they handled that.
  19. I agree, the 3 legged orange guy can use a little touching up on the sprite! Not sure if this is some goofy shared/mirror tile thing happening, or if it's just sloppy drawing. I haven't looked into that, but maybe will because that is also now bothering me, lol. One more interesting note, when you remove the menu, you can see the rest of the crowd sprites. I don't believe these are shared with the in-game crowd sprite tiles, so you never see the man in yellow, or that little kid on the edge of the seat in the middle aisle. Meaning, these tiles are never seen in game and can probably be re-used if anyone ever wanted to create a new scoreboard graphic. Or more visible crowd sprites. I don't think the menu ever goes away? I THINK, the reason they removed the green guy on the left is because his arm is cutoff by the stairs. You can see him fully in the other (hidden) sprites. So instead of re-drawing one sprite for one guy, they probably just cut him out and never noticed the severed leg. I guess you can also fix the severed leg with the correct empty seat tile on the right if the arm bothers you.
  20. One thing that has always bothered me, is that there is a severed leg in the stands in the scoreboard screen. Second row from the bottom on the left: It turns out that this appendage belongs to a guy wearing a green shirt, who was in the stands in the '92 version of the game. Check him out right here! So this was converted to the empty chair/weird leg in NHLPA93 and kept in '94, but it turns out that the actual graphic tiles are still in the game! So in order to correct this, all you have to do is remap two tiles: BDEAE: Change from 0063 to 206A BDEEE: Change from 006E to 2074 And voila! Our friend in the green shirt returns!
  21. 20 minute periods I assume...what team is the CPU? I think a few of us around here can get this done with Ottawa, but that's quite a challenge!
  22. Strange place to post this question, but the answer is no unfortunately. No updated roster hacks are available for the SNES.
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