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  1. If you have any Qs about how/why I did something, be sure to reach out. There's probably still some old code I forgot to refactor out lingering in there somewhere. It's tough being the only dev on a project like that and keeping it all clean!
  2. http://sea-hag.net just moved over to a digital ocean, off of its previous free-tier Heroku app and onto a paid VPS. I know that no one really uses it (except me and kero5hin/heatrash), but it is much faster and more reliable now. I also plan on putting together a Sea-Hag Title Belt in the near future (if you beat someone with team A, you have to play as Team A when challenged until you lose), putting the current title holder on the homepage. Genesis and SNES would obviously be separate. If anyone has any ideas they'd like to see, feel free to drop them in this thread (unless your idea is a league, which I am not going to do).
  3. .. Anyone look it over? Comments? Questions?
  4. I finally got around to putting together a [sloppy] repo for you guys to do whatever you want with. It'll be really helpful if you have prior experience in programming, MVC, and setting up a server. If not, hey, you can always learn! The documentation is pretty poor (I only made one wiki page and it's... brief), but you can read through the source to get an idea. It's not very complex. Without further ado: http://bitbucket.org/wambotron/seahag-open I'm going to keep developing sea hag in another repo (I have some ideas that I'm not sure will work well yet, but I will integrate if they do), and you can always fork it if you want to keep the open source-ness going. It's up to you. I don't care. EDIT: I should also add that it's loaded with reallllly goofy comments, so.. there's that. There may be a few "adult" words sprinkled in there.
  5. FWIW, Kero5hin and I have been having issues with hamachi lately. Fast networks EXCEPT for gaming. Highly suspicious.
  6. If you were looking for an alternative to Hamachi, you might want to check out Tunngle.
  7. Oh yeah, sign up for sea-hag.net and upload some games!
  8. I'm also in the never-had-an-snes-in-real-life club, but the snes game is my favorite online!
  9. I grew up with the sega CD version and it's probably my favorite overall on the actual system. I prefer SNES online. Anyway, yeah I think it's harder to score on the SCD version compared to regular Genesis. If you have it laying around, give it a go!
  10. I seem to get screwed with all of the SNES bugs when I play HeatRash/Kero5hin, but he never gets them. Examples: The puck going from BEHIND the net, INTO it somehow. Usually when a goalie or defenseman takes it and turns toward center ice when they're too close to the net. Puck frozen in the stands on a penalty due to my player being injured on a penalty shot, resulting in no attempt and (obviously) no goal. Penalty shot SKIPPED entirely for no real reason? I don't even know how this one happened, it just flat out skipped a PS.
  11. The get-up bug doesn't seem that bad to me. It's funny because you can totally misuse it and screw yourself if you're not good with it. The weight bug just "is." You can't avoid it or anything. You can just have a gentleman's agreement not to use the get-up bug and that problem no longer exists.
  12. Yeah, I'm going to have to agree with tdm here. 15 posts per game is beyond absurd, and I've played a TON of Snes games (many In a juiced rom).
  13. I don't know what to tell you. I watch a lot of hockey and they do hit the post 2-5 times per game (if we're using that as the average for SNES). You have to take into account that players in the NHL also miss the net entirely and that really doesn't happen much in 94. Obviously there are some terrible shooters, but most shots go on goal, even if they're barely moving. I tried a quick search to see if anyone has attempted to track shots on post, but no one has.
  14. I love hitting the posts, it gives it a sense of realism to me. I think, depending on my team, I hit them 2-5 times per game. I am not a gens player at all, so maybe I'm just bad
  15. Congrats! 3-month season for a 20-game league is kind of crazy!
  16. I'm not sure what I'd call it, but something relating to how they deal with a pressure situation. For example, someone who has been there, won a few cups, won in the clutch, would have a chance of heating up when the team is down, whereas someone who is a rookie or just hasn't been in the playoffs would be cooling down as things got hairy. I think more than anything it would be a modifier for all the other stats. A high-pressure guy would get a stat boost while a low-pressure guy would get a stat drop.
  17. An SNES sprite would be awesome for us SNES 94 players but I understand if it's beyond the scope of what you want to do.
  18. Right now the rosters only align with default NHL 94 (the only way to get rosters from modified roms is to strip them from the rom itself, which I have not attempted at this point), so if your games in those leagues are all based on the original NHL94 rom/rosters, you can upload all you want. If not, it will just wrongly show your roster players in the box score/penalty summary (and potentially team, if that is also modified). EDIT: I still mean to open source sea-hag so that anyone can take it and do whatever they want with it. It could be a solid starting point for some folks who are not sure how to start it out or people who just want to clone it and put it up on their own box somewhere.
  19. What's up with the forfeit games against Pitt? He didn't finish his league games and now he gets a pass in the first round?
  20. Yeah, they're fun. I'm saying to use one in a tourney
  21. Assuming a draft, here is my weighting: Forwards Weight - 2 Agility - 5 Speed - 5 Shot Power - 3 Shot Accuracy - 3 Stick Handling - 3 Pass Accuracy - 3 Off Awareness - 2 Def Awareness - 1 Checking - 1 Defensemen Weight - 4 Agility - 3 Speed - 2 Shot Power - 1 Shot Accuracy - 1 Stick Handling - 4 Pass Accuracy - 4 Off Awareness - 1 Def Awareness - 4 Checking - 3
  22. I think a lot of this depends on who I am playing and how well I know the team. If I'm playing a heavy team, I'd rather take some chubbiness over speed/agility/shot power. If I'm playing a finesse team, I prefer heavy D with fast/agile F. The goalie I don't care about at all. Any of them can be scored on with the same basic shots, you just have to hold your shots a bit with some.
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