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  1. Ok, let's restart some NHL94 again.

  2. Champion Mind: Was on party after this victory so didnt have the time to post before. Every time that I play againts Biffy I upgrade my play, and like other players notice they always see another JotaC on playoff games different that in normal season or practise games First at all, I have to say that for me its Biffy the true Champ . Even if I win in 4, the games were really close. I knew that Pitts will be hard, Lemieux, Stevens,Murphy Barraso allstars. So my strategy to win this series was to have a good goaltending, Lemieux is instopable so my only chance was to be good with Cujo, and that is what I did. No bad goals. Tks to the players who help me practise my goaltending on those practise games.(poker,steve,fenty etc) Second, was to play with Hull, and not to lose anychance because i know that pitts will control the game, so need to play offensive style and dont will have a lot of chance to score. What that kill Biffy, he didn't play enought with Mario, and I the first game I notice that he was nervous. Dont know what are my plans for next year, maybe I will go on East section triying a new Team. Maybe the chance to someone else to win the cup next year. Or back go with my normal teams: st louis, chicago, pitts, nyr, edm. will see I want to tks Even for this great league, u guys, Biffy, Blazer( my nhl94 teacher) Series Recap Hull vs Lemieux : Dream Final G1: Pits 4 - Stl 5 ot: Biffy was nervous on the 1 period, he give me a goal gift and Mario was too quiet, Hull scores 4 goals and even if biffy do a comeback on 3th period with 6sec. Brown give me the victory on a breakway. 3 starts: 1 Hull 2 Brown 3 Lemieux G2: Pits 5 - Stl 6: Pitts have a good start, Mario played really well. But this time it was to me to do a comeback on 3th them Biffy miss a chance on some goods stops of Cujo. No OT this Time 3 Starts 1 Lemieux 2 Hull 3 Shanahan G3: Stl 7 - Pits 1: This was Cujo game, he was almost perfect, on breakways ,one timers slapshoots, only jagr score a beaty on 1 on 1.Bob Bassen was a great substitute of injury and penality players 3starts 1 Joseph 2 Hull 3 Bassen G4: Stl 5 - Pits 4: This one was is Hull game again, Biffy looks without energy in my side they were no pressure but I dont want to lose this one too, cuz I cant give anychance to this guy otherwise he gonna beat me, series will change too. 1 error and I'm dead. So I played this one like a 7 game. Taking a lead of 5-3 on 3period. Biffy try a comeback, but Cujo again was there to stops Mario and his gang. Verdic K.O of Hull vs Lemieux Merci, Gracias, Thanks
  3. Congrats to marc. You are now the new reference in Gens league. U gonna have bigger changelle now, the honor to defend the cup.
  4. 01 Best Overall Coach - TheDeer 02 Best Sportsmanship Coach - Schwartz 03 Best One-Timer Coach - Blazer 04 Best Deke Coach - Pokerchamp 05 Best Slapshot Coach - Fenty 06 Best Defensive Coach - Pokerchamp 07 Best Offensive Coach - TheDeer 08 Most Improved Coach - Fenty 09 Best Coach With A Low Rated Team - Schwartz 10 Best Replacement Coach - BSDaemon 11 Best Rookie Coach - Pokerchamp 12 Coach Who Stuck It Out Through The Hard Times - Shakazuzu
  5. Beautiful Hockey!!! NHL 94 When u start the playoff, there is one goal scores m"/$%?&* goals, yea I know that I had a bad season I maybe that Chicago play better during the season. The samething for Deer, Montreal didn't play good during the season and in first Round He has Deer. There is maybe a lesson to learn about that. This year we really have elites players on Snes A, everybody could take a serie. I dont know if I gonna win the cup again this year, but when I start a series I dont look who I face, I only play this wonderful game that give me Too much feelings. I use the season to try some new players combination and to know the style of diff players. Nice series against Snesboy, even if u lose u deserve the First Star. Note: Why that TheDeer had a NHL94master and dont me???
  6. Yep! take it easy! the season just started!
  7. After a great season, and a great final against one of the best players of the world the94kid(Biffy). Edmonton wins the SNES cup 4-0 the series. It was an amazing series. G1: edm 7-5. a great comeback on the 3th period to surprise NYR on a agressive first game. G2: edm 7-6. This one was amazing, again this one decide on 3th period. the score was 7-6 with 22sec, tony amonte had a penality shoot! but hi misssss and Edmonton wins this one!!!!!! G3: edm 7-6 OT. This was maybe the most important game of the series, Edm scores a goal with 3 sec left on the 3th period to egalize. In OT Messier miss a breakaway and Manson starts a turnover That Klima didn't miss!! HOT HOT HOT HOTTTTT!!!!! G4: edm: 8-6. This was the only game that edmonton dominate a little bit, NYR started a comeback on 3th period but Bill Ranford close the door. MVP: goes to Craig Simpson! he was the key man on playoffs!! TKS to everybody on the league for a great season. And cya next year with The blues of St-Louis!! JotaC
  8. Edmonton wins the series against Detroit 4-0, maybe not that easy that it looks but we have to thanks Tim Cheveldae for his generosity !! Great performance by Paul Coffey, but Edmonton looks more agresive than Detroit!! We are now waiting Quebec-Boston or NYR on the Final cup! Go oils GO
  9. what is the best time for you this week? or next week!! give me some dates a will check for the best days!!
  10. This series was so closeee all way long!!!! Curious thing, even if i did a comeback in the series. Rudy always did a comeback in the 3th period!! I was always leading before the third period starts, and then he egalise to go to the OT period!! In OT his to strong. My comebacks start when i put Klima in center. But loosing 3-1 i thank that it was over. Bure and Linden amazing player. TKS to for this amazing series!!! JotaC Note: Waiting for blazer on the final of conferance
  11. Woooowwww!! Why JotaC is in this list??????? I was waiting to play some official between 1year I think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont worry Rudy If L.A shows up, I will finish that in 4 to take your case after !!!! GO oils GO
  12. Edmonton is waiting her next rival! and this time I would like to play against him:)!! San Jose quit the league:(!!! anyways with or without him It will be 4-0)
  13. Snes has highlights from other games too!! and some of points goes with your own criteria! Nice job!
  14. I had an idea for picking the teams when the season starts! We can determinate the order like this: the first team who finish to play all they schedule game gonna have the first choice. the second will the second choice.... etc the last choice will go to the team who play less games! I know that this avantage me this season, but we can start this for the next season!! This is a good motivation for good player. This is my opinion! JotaC
  15. The Edmonton Post: I finish the season with a good record. Edmonton will finish 1 or 2 on the West. We are very proud of our players but they are somes ???????????? Bill Ranford was good in a majority of games Manson: Wins the MVP on Edmonton team Kravchuk: Some ups and downs. Corson: big???? Some games he was spectacular and other he really suck!!!!! Simpson: Same like his friend Corson Klima: Play well all season But they prove that they cand wins games!!! It will be hard on the playoff, our goal its to be on the Stanley Cup Final Good luck to others players! Go Oils Go
  16. Those are my prediction! In the East Montreal NYR Boston Quebec Wash New Jersey Hartford Ottawa In the West Winnipeg Edmonton Detroit St Louis Vancouver San Jose Chicago L.A Playoff predictions comming after the regular season
  17. Beaty, sensas, merveilleux, maravilloso!!!!!!! in all languages!!!!!!!! Damm great passinng!!!!!! In cant stop to watch this clip:)
  18. I would like to know if the 8 firsts teams of each conference will do the playoff?????? or we gonna do a different way? Great race for the first place on Campbell conference between: Detroit, Winnipeg and Edmonton!!! :-) Go Oilers go
  19. Its clear! We need 2 categories!! ONE for SNES players and another for Sega!! In my case I'm a SNES player!!
  20. Did some one have a NHL94 editor for snes! Something like this!
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