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  1. I know I've thrown around the term 'bleed to win' etc... for some of my slogans. This is done for fun sake as 93 is merely a video game, and I myself love when I'm bleeding at the the end of a real game [as long as it's not serious] However a teammate of mine has seriously injured his head after him and the guy that were fighting fell back and he smacked his head on the ice. A pure accident. It has since received a crazy amount of media attention. He is now in a coma after having to have brain surgery to stop the swelling and internal bleeding he received. He is clinging to life in a hospi
  2. If I had you at 18 you could be mine. haha. My appreciation for my parents has gone way up since I've learned the joys of things like 'getting kids simply dressed in the morning'. He is 13.5 lbs already. Everyone in the family is well.
  3. He was going to be my 'sloppy seconds' choice for title screen boy.
  4. Just a heads up my third son Grayson was born last week. 9.4 lbs and doing great. Haven't touched a video game in 2 months. Swamped with my new job, my own company, the fire hall and the expanding family. I will be back though - my four year old loves 93-94. He loves the zamboni and 'go-time' fights in 93.
  5. How did you manage to get names in there? Very cool!
  6. LIke I've always said, I don't make thse alone, I rely on others for many things. So I have to wait on my end for things to help me make my hacks. So the base isn't even there yet. Anyways, Rookie nailed it, project's dead. Carry on. And I make complete hacks, not bases.
  7. OK, let's go with that Rook. You are a huge help. Very inspiring.
  8. No problem Arnott. Nice to see people are interested. I am looking forward to playing it just as much as everyone else, but real life comes first. Nothing I can do about it.
  9. Ha, another old fart. Welcome to your 30's. I feel really old on my team, the oldest guy and the only one with kids.
  10. Like I said, wait till we have some actual final rosters to start the year. I haven't touched a vid in over a month. Started a new job, trying to finish up my own clients and hockey trianing camp as started. Hang tight kids.
  11. Awesome to see it still going Steve.
  12. 2 weeks ago with Lord Stanley boys. Just awesome.
  13. "If there is a video game god who gives a damn about hockey cred, the final stage of NHL 09's "Be a Pro" mode will be a one-on-one showdown between your created character and NHLPA 93 Jeremy Roenick as the final boss. If you defeat him, your character receives a text message from Roenick saying that he retires." That was pure gold.
  14. How can you not love clocker? Makes me laugh all the time. Water wings for Chelli!
  15. buck bed? does that ryhme with a diff bed?
  16. I never said that. I said I would wai until the season starts.
  17. mack

    nhl faceoff 98

  18. mack

    nhl faceoff 98

    PM me and I'll direct you.
  19. Yes, my thoughts exactly. 'Hi I'm Zack Morris for EA Sports. Today I am wearing acid wash jeans and white high top sneakers. Over to you Screech.'
  20. Another cool feature. Now if you can implement free bytes and moving them around. Anyways I hope you continue with this.
  21. One interesting thing is I can't open my old hack with this. Still very cool man. Keep 'er going.