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  1. If the Islanders keep falling in the standings and the Rangers finish 2nd they may meet in Round 1! Would be a lot of fun for sure. I feel as if it is going to happen. It is the last year at Nassau for the Isles, so I feel as if it is destiny for the 2 teams to meet 1 last time in the playoffs!
  2. Wow thanks so much for this!!! What a rom!!!
  3. Enroth is not a goalie for buffalo anymore. He was traded to dallas.
  4. Yeah you're right, it's 40 x 32 for splash screens. I was thinking of the background for the intro screen which is 32 x 28. Ever use the image ditherer? It can help with pictures that have a lot of colors. Here's a link: http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php/topic/14421-tool-genesis-image-ditherer-to-16-colours/
  5. You may have accidently touched something in tile molester without realizing it. It's very sensitive and one wrong move will f the game up. My suggestion is when editing, always keep the icon with the magnifying glass clicked. If you have the icon that looks like a square clicked, and you click a certain area by mistake with it, it will screw up the entire rom. Even if you just TOUCH it without moving it or changing it, it will mess up the rom. So only click that box if you need to copy something from another rom. If you are importing a picture into the rom, place the picture where it needs to go, and use the magnifying glass icon. Click it once, and the picture will automatically import itself into the rom without any risk of damage. It's much safer than using the square icon. The splash screen, for example, is 32 x 28 I believe. So just make it 32 x 30, import the picture into the right area, and click the magnifying glass outside that area. The picture will import safely that way. As for that rom, unfortunately it is no longer any good. You'll have to transfer your work to a fresh rom. I've had to do it many times lol. Like Smozoma said, use backups. I save tons of backups now after wasting so much time ruining roms by making stupid little mistakes. It's a waste of time haha. But that's how you learn. If you did any roster work, just use NOSE and copy/paste to a fresh rom to save some time.
  6. I don't know if any information on the original rom is available. Why not just use the 30 team rom? You can limit the amount of teams to whatever you want with EARE. You can make a 20 team rom, or a 22 team rom etc. Whatever you want. Any particular reason why it has to be the original rom?
  7. Can someone please point out where this version is? EDIT: It's in the zip files at pixelpuck.com. Thanks plabax.
  8. I found it. thanks. pixelpuck.com.
  9. I just lost NOSE 1.2b from the WBOY website on my computer. I tried to download this version, but it just does not work right. Half the teams have the correct colors, while the other half seem to be all screwed up. THE COLORS ARE MESSED UP. They don't match the colors in the game. I am using the helmet patch version of 94, is there a version of NOSE that will work with the helmet patch? Very frustrating. I am currently now without NOSE so my hacking has come to a complete stop because of this annoying issue. Any help appreciated.
  10. That's awesome Shawn, thank you so much for this.
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