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  1. Yeah ! plabax is back plabax icestorm never wants to play it's always "sabres game" ive asked so many times and he doesnt bother ask me C'mon icestorm! it's not like the sabers season is so interesting LOL!
  2. to icestorm, play your gms vs plabax...cuz ducking is bad
  3. you decided to play with your other name?! lol good bye ! perfect plabax
  4. I Like your idea but tourny or not, I think the greatest snes player of all-time is ME (since sdl season #2 and my stats dont lies).
  5. http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/15985-gdl-xi-official-roll-call-waiting-list/page-1 unfair to skip the waiting list
  6. My season is over! 44 gms in 6 days with a .500 record! GA Slackers!!! Play your games
  7. OPPPS sorry this record is in GDL lol
  8. http://nhl94online.com/html/box_score.php?gameid=15393 34 shots! 22 goals!
  9. Yeee! 20 gms now !!! can you feel the GA
  10. Nice! I dl my savestates on this site or on the old site?
  11. Team USA will get a free 10 years membership to brazzers if they win the gold medal. http://nyc.barstoolsports.com/random-thoughts/team-usa-will-get-a-free-10-year-membership-to-brazzers-if-they-win-a-the-gold-medal/
  12. Ye, 5-2 to 6-5 W ... 6-4 to 6 -7L, if my memory is good (2012 is old LOL)
  13. LOL L.A Robbie confidential(can be for Robitaille or LA Robbie himself lol)
  14. the Shawn Chambers redemption and L.A. Robbie confidential